The Top 5 Food Jingles Of All Time

Every time you begin to relax, your mind snaps to them. They pervade your days and nights until you think you can't possibly take it anymore. They're created by evil minds so genius, you're still somehow fond of them. They're jingles. The following upbeat commercial tunes are a few of the most lasting and the most loved. Add your favorites in the comments.

McDonald's Big Mac

Jingles already border on attempts at mind control, but the repetitive refrain of "two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese" is like the zombie cry for brains. It doesn't get more direct than simply chanting the food you want to eat. The jingle has even afflicted the Russians. As it turns out, "Big Mac" translates pretty easily.


Mentos commercials have a very distinct formula. They always feature people with thick, shiny hair escaping a tough spot with a Mentos, a thumbs-up, and the jingle. It's curious why Mentos haven't gained more popularity here in the States given their delicious flavor and the charming naiveté associated with tem. Perhaps it's their dark side.

Big Red

Everybody loves kissing. The only reason why all products aren't marketed with the promise of locking lips is because then we would start rolling our eyes at the thought of it and the human race would die out. Lucky for them, Big Red claimed that strategy early on and wrote beautiful music for the gum and its consumers.

Baby Back Ribs

Chili's really hit the bull's-eye with its "I want my baby back, baby back" ribs tune. It has a romantic double meaning and a danceable beat. The best part is the quirky ending touch when a deep, bass voice blurts "barbecue sauce!" The odd choice was involving N'SYNC. However, I don't mind watching Joey Fatone hamming it up with his adaptation of the Chicken Dance.

Oscar Meyer

Did the person who wrote the Oscar Meyer bologna jingle also write "Hakuna Matata"? It's such a joyous stanza of music, thanks in large part to the chubby cheeked cherubs who always sing it. When you add in the hot dog mobiles driving around the country, you have to give Oscar Meyer credit for understanding happy American nostalgia.

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