The Top 5 Texan Creamy Creations Flavors in Honor of New Texans Tackle Crackle

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Initially, I was skeptical about Texans Tackle Crackle. First, the name is just weird. And second, the description "decadently rich vanilla ice cream laced with creamy chocolate swirl and loaded with candy crunch," doesn't really tell us much. Like, what's candy crunch?

Upon tasting it, I discovered it's a lot like CRUNCH candy -- puffed rice coated with milk chocolate. I also discovered this football-friendly ice cream is awesome. Creamy, chocolatey without being overwhelming, crunchy without breaking teeth. I ate far more in one sitting than I'd like to admit. And though it ranks way up there in terms of Creamy's not quite the best Texas-themed treat they've produced.

Now, without further ado, the top five Creamy Creations odes to Texas.

5. Peach Cobbler

It's true that Blue Bell also makes a "Southern Peach Cobbler," which, admittedly, I've never tried, and Ben & Jerry's makes a Willie Nelson-inspired peach cobbler ice cream (because apparently they couldn't come up with original flavors that don't involve stealing Texan celebrities for endorsements). But the Creamy Creations peach cobbler treat has actual chunks of pie crust in it. Pie crust. In the ice cream. Forget requesting your dessert à la already comes that way! I honestly don't know if you can still get Creamy Creations peach cobbler, as I haven't spied it on any freezer shelves recently. But if you feel like torturing yourself by drooling over something that might not even be available, check out the above video, made by an amateur food critic/lover of Creamy Creations. Not only is he adorable, but his description of the ice cream is spot on.

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Kaitlin Steinberg