The Ultimate Oyster Cracker?

My brother Dave got me hooked on these hot and spicy saltines. He says they're the perfect oyster crackers. I haven't tried them with oysters yet, but I will soon. The home version of these has been around for a long time. You mix up a package of dry ranch dressing mix, some kind of dried chile peppers and salad oil and pour it over saltines in a container, then turn the container until the mixture is absorbed. Easy, but messy.

I found a recipe on the internet, and I intended to improve on it by using olive oil instead of canola oil and some New Mexican red chile pepper instead of pizza pepper. But when I added up the cost of a box of saltines, the salad dressing mix, the olive oil, peppers, and Ziploc bag, the $5 price tag on the package of Texas Firecrackers started to look pretty reasonable.

Texas Firecrackers are made here in Houston by Jett Foods. They used to be made at the Tejano Salsa factory, but I think Jett Foods owner John Soper is making them himself these days. Ignore the idiotic origin myth printed on the label about Sam Houston feeding them to his troops before the battle of San Jacinto, astronauts taking them into space, and blah blah blah,

You can buy these hot crackers at Kroger's, Spec's, Bering's and Liebman's Fine Foods on Memorial, as well as a couple of H-E-Bs. Or call John Soper over at the house and he'll bring you a couple of cases; the number is 713-524-4661.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.