The Wandering Tamale Hustlers of Montrose

I have always known that the Wandering Tamale Hustlers of the Montrose make the best tamales. Maybe it is because they show up at the bar when you're two and half sheets to the wind.

I was hanging out at the Harp (1625 Richmond 713-528-7827) sucking on cheap beers when she showed up. No, I don't mean a Tamale Hustler. Some crazy girl who looked like Peppermint Patty showed up at the bar with a paddle with holes in it and everything. We took several on the ass and ordered another round.

Soon after, the Tamale Hustler showed up. We bought the standard dozen for $6. The tamales were so freaking good. Our favorite is the pork tamales with salsa verde. Some cities have street venders who sell bad-ass hot dogs and hot sandwiches after hours for drunk people - you know, the ones wandering around like urban zombies looking for cabs and one-night stands. But in Houston, we have the Tamale Hustlers. After filling our stomach with some amazing masa treats, we were ready to take another on the bare ass.

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