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The Weekend in Slideshows

It was a busy weekend for food events, from the 17th anniversary party at Saint Arnold to the cattle call for Pilot Light tickets at Revival Market, but we managed to capture most of it.

The line for those Pilot Light tickets started forming at 2 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, regardless of the heat. And when the tickets finally went on sale at 4 p.m., they sold out in roughly 30 minutes. Check out the slideshow for more photos and details.

The next day, the Saint Arnold's faithful gathered in the brewery's beer hall to celebrate 17 years of Amber, Lawnmower and Elissa IPA. Commemorative glasses were on hand to toast the microbrewery, founded in 1994 by Brock Wagner and Kevin Bartol.

Nearly two decades later, the brewery has expanded into a gorgeous new facility and employs 29 people to craft and ship its beer throughout the state. See more photos of the celebration in our slideshow.

Just down the street, new EaDo grocery store Epicurean Express was celebrating its grand opening after nearly a year of construction. The deli wasn't yet in place, but the rest of the store was up and running. A small produce section stocks the basics, as do the dry goods and household items sections of the store. But the beer and wine selections were more impressive, as was the refrigerated case holding a wide array of packaged dishes from Perfect Fit Meals.

Epicurean Express will certainly hold more interest when the deli, prepared foods and coffee bar areas are complete, but it's not too shabby for now. Owner Anthony Wegman needs to be careful to avoid the pitfalls of nearby Byrd's Market, however, by making sure the groceries are always well-stocked and creating an inviting atmosphere. This weekend, it was a little too quiet and a little too dimly lit inside. Music would be a good start, as would tables and chairs outside once the deli is finished.

On the other hand, Wegman also owns the successful Lucky's Pub and Cork Soakers, so I'm assuming his business savvy will kick in and ensure that Epicurean Express is more than just a convenience store with a deli.

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Katharine Shilcutt