The Zillion-Calorie Cheese-Stick Sandwich

After learning that Denny's has a new cheese-stick sandwich, I just had to try it. Yes, that's right: a cheese-stick sandwich. Four cheese sticks are smothered between two slices of American cheese, two slices of buttered toast, and then fried again. Bring it on, baby! Don't forget the marinara on the side - heart-healthy lycopene. For all of you calories sticklers, I scoured the web for nutritional information, but couldn't find anything. So let's just go ahead and give a ballpark estimate of about a zillion calories and ditto for the fat grams. Oh yeah, plus there are fries on the side and I asked for ranch too. So we'll go ahead and double it to two zillion.

But the real question - how did it taste?

It was delicious. The cheesesticks stayed plump and crisp, the American cheese was lusciously melty, and the bread was buttery and perfectly toasted. Dipping it in the ranch and marinara took it to an even higher taste level. The marinara was perfect with all that cheesy goodness. Despite my love for all things cheese, I actually don't like things that are overly rich and, surprisingly, this wasn't. It's only $4 as part of Denny's new $2 $4 $6 $8 menu, so the portion was filling, but not huge. And considering that my late-night pig-out generally includes a full order of cheese sticks plus pancakes and hashbrowns (and a milkshake...and some eggs), I have a feeling this was actually the lighter choice, sadly enough.

The best part of the whole experience, however, was that at the location I visited, the Southmore Denny's located right off 288, even though they hadn't yet added the sandwich to their menu, they happily made it to my specifications and charged me the right price. And I was pleasantly surprised by how helpful and accommodating the manager, waitress and cook were. So as a warning, this artery-clogging pleasure may not be available at your local Denny's, but with a little bit of charm and luck, you can probably get them to make it just for you.

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