Things I Intend to Keep Doing Even Though I Know Better

Life is full of enough rules as it is, and the food world especially can be easily overtaken by snobbery and excess etiquette. To combat this soul-crushing feeling, there are a few areas in which I willfully misbehave -- things which I stubbornly continue to do even though I know better because they make me happy and they're not hurting anyone so sod off, the lot of you.

What are your food acts of defiance?

Mixing the fake green wasabi into my soy sauce

Slicing the rind off my Brie before I eat it

Drinking iced tea with four packets of Sweet 'n Low in it

Eating escolar

Ordering Jack in the Box tacos at midnight

Cutting food with my fork

Taking iPhone photos of really pretty plates of food

Calling it a kolache instead of a klobasnek

Licking really good gravy or sauce off the back of a knife

Blowing bubbles into my Coke with my straw

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