Perfect Pairings: Tinys Cookie Dough To Go and The Best Milk In All The Land

With cookie season upon us, Tinys Milk & Cookies and Kalona SuperNatural Organic Whole Milk make it easy to be a hero in your home. Crispy on the bottom, warm chocolate chunks in the center; Tinys' box of ready-to-bake cookies is a breeze from start to finish.  Kalona SuperNatural, the only milk to match, tastes the way dairy used to taste. 

A classic on the list of "best things ever."
A classic on the list of "best things ever."
Photo by Kate McLean
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The whole Kalona SuperNatural line is the type of dairy that will have you craving more dairy. Compared to everything else on the shelves, it's thicker, richer and sometimes comes with a bonus cream top.  You'll be meow, meow, meowing by first taste.

Kalona SuperNatural brand achieves its special taste for three reasons; it's pasteurized at lower temperatures, it isn't homogenized, and the milk is coming from small, grass fed herds in the Midwest.  In fact, several of these dairy farms are owned by Amish or Mennonite families.

You know how they say cream rises to the top? Unfortunately, not in the case of homogenized milk. The homogenization process fuses the delicious cream blobs with the milk via heat so it lasts on the shelf longer— i.e. the liquid becomes homogeneous. Because apparently mysterious chunks in milk freak people out. Boo.

The FDA requires dairy to be pasteurized, but Kolona SuperNatural performs pasteurization at the lowest temperatures possible, which keeps the integrity of the product as fresh-out-the-cow as possible. 

Also, whereas the flavor of grass-fed beef pales in comparison to corn-fed, grass-fed dairy is the most decadent.  

Again, when it comes to dairy, chickens, and all things knitted, the Amish are quite certainly the Metallica of the farm world.

Once you have all your supplies, it's important to follow Tiny's baking directions to a T. They have it down to a science. Pull out the already portioned balls, preheat the oven, and In 15 minutes they'll both be ready to bake.

It's hard not to peak, but do keep the oven closed for the entire 14 minutes. When they're finished they will look soft and puffy with dark golden brown edges. The more cookies baked together the longer it might take— but, 14 minutes was perfect for two in a convection oven. If you can manage to wait, cool them on a rack for a few minutes to ensure crispness.  And throw a few mugs or champagne coups in the freezer for ideal milk drinking.

Tinys Milk & Cookies sell boxes of portioned cookie dough for $30 a dozen. Whole Foods Market and Sprouts Farmers Market sell Kalona SuperNatural Organic Whole Milk. A half-gallon costs about $6.  A good local alternative to Kalona is Mill-King. They too pasteurize at low temperatures, aren't homogenized, and are all natural.

Homework can wait.
Homework can wait.
Photo by Kate McLean

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