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Late Night: Pepperoni's Pizza

Toot-toot, beep-beep.
Toot-toot, beep-beep. Photo by Kate McLean

Pepperoni's Pizza, located in Montrose, is a shiny operation, with an even shinier online platform.  Ordering is click, click, relax and get back to whatever it was that made pizza delivery sound appealing.  Also located in the 'burbs, Pepperoni's Pizza is family owned, with 14 locations, and at the Montrose store, one of the sons even used to work the drive-through window.  He is a little bit missed.

Strait Outta Napa? Look no further than the Napa Walnut Salad. The raspberry vinaigrette is well emulsified, tart and sweet and the proportion of mixed greens to “goodies” is pretty good too. Goodies in this salad include: whole grape tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, and walnut pieces. Oftentimes in fast-casual salad situations, whoever is assembling will skimp in this area, so when goodies levels are high it either means they care or were trained well.

At the drive-through window, the request to “add pineapple,” to a slice of pepperoni pizza will be approved five percent of the time— so be prepared to enjoy this version of the Hawaiian with one part cold topping.  But really, pepperoni trumps Canadian bacon every single time because the latter is weird and gross. Eggs Benedict needs to break up with Canadian bacon and move on with something else.

The mozzarella cheese sticks are usually pretty good and when they forget to add the marinara it automatically conjurs an extra cheese stick. It’s just the universe’s way of righting itself.

This pizza joint, with delivery and a drive-through window, is a good back pocket option among Houston's late night dining landscape. They even have a sticker on the window that says, "We use verified non GMO in our pizza dough."

click to enlarge Breakfast in bed, except, like, the opposite. - PHOTO BY KATE MCLEAN
Breakfast in bed, except, like, the opposite.
Photo by Kate McLean
Pepperoni's Pizza
2710 Montrose
Open until midnight Sunday to Thursday and 3 a.m. Friday and Saturday.
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