Late Night: Nobie's

Nobie's is a delicious spot to end up late night.
Nobie's is a delicious spot to end up late night.
Photo by Kate McLean
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If a dollar were generated every time Nobie’s was recommended around town— we’d all be in Monte Carlo on a yacht. All of us. It’s that favorited. And there’s a reason for it. Microphone, check, check, check.

Maybe it’s industry or maybe it’s Maybelline, but Nobie’s fills “cozy neighborhood hang” hand in glove. As sometimes vinyl, sometimes tape bumps vintage Brazillian speakers, from the means to the ends this clean, quirky space is covered in authentic sound. The lighting, dim in all the right places.

The popular landing pad is open until midnight Thursday through Saturday and attracts hungry and thirsty Houstonians after, say, the world premier of the Houston Ballet's Sylvia, or a showing of Vice at the movie theater, or maybe it was just a long shift. Reverse happy hour cracks a smile to the many spilling through the doors with specials in effect the first and last hour of every service. Half-off whiskey Wednesday, Half-off bottles of bubbles Thursday, with many more where that came from.

Frequent visitor Björn Magnusson, who used to manage a restaurant in Marfa, looks around and smiles as he’s reminded of his time spent in the funky and stylish West Texas town. In fact, when Nobie’s staff see Magnusson pulling in they’re quick to pop on Cass McCombs, one of his favorite records.

“This is a super delicious, freaky chardonnay.” Lindsay Schmitt, bartender and manager, pours him a taste of something the staff sampled earlier. The wine list, which was just recognized in the Houston Press's Best of Houston® 2019, is an exciting read with plenty of bottles to return for; “Sea Spray” Blanc de Noir, Txakoli de Getaria “Berezia,” ‘Nude’ Aglianico from Campania. Out of the ordinary varietals and expressions can be found right next to the white Burgundy and Willamette Pinot Noir's. And be sure to start with a creation from bar director Sarah Troxell who will compete in May in Chicago at the Speed Rack Finals.

Dilly bread! Dilly bread!!! Dilly bread is like a limited-edition Louis Vuitton; when it’s gone it’s gone—but thankfully, the cycle begins anew each day. With words strung together like: “pull apart milk bread, garlic, everything butter” and the option to add smoked trout roe, saying no to an order of Dilly Bread is like saying no to a leprechaun trying to show you where he hid his gold.

Foie Gras Nigiri; duh, get it. The sushi rice is artfully packed, think: New Yorkers on a Sunday afternoon subway as oppose to New Yorkers on a Friday afternoon subway, this rice train transports a hunk of seared foie sweetened by pineapple glaze. Makes for a solid three-biter, two if someone’s watching.

Beer Battered Sweet Tots located in the “Pop ‘Em” section of the menu are a memory to be conjured over and over again. Crisp, sweet potato tots rest on a generous swipe of tart, creamy goat cheese, dusted all over with Harissa spice. Long scallion slivers cut at the perfect length for the perfect amount of onion also garnish this snack masterpiece.

Ham Clam Thank You Ma’am, another must-try medley of flavors. Panini pressed toast, white bean spread, clams, speck shavings, juicy red grapefruit and pickled shaves of red serrano. A quiet fireworks show that’s creative, tasty, and shareable.


It's going down for real; the Foie Gras Nigiri and the Beer Battered Sweet Tots.
It's going down for real; the Foie Gras Nigiri and the Beer Battered Sweet Tots.
Photo by Kate McLean

2048 Colquitt
Nobie's is open until midnight Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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