Perfect Pairings: Black Friday Breakfast With a Swedish Touch

A lighter take on pancakes courtesy of Sweden.
A lighter take on pancakes courtesy of Sweden. Photo by Kate McLean

I’m just saying, all these Thanksgiving dishes getting all this attention— let’s pop a shifty on the holiday and throw a little Black Friday Breakfast.  Something to make Aunt Mindy low key nudge you for the recipe.

For this, we're calling in the Swedes— those sexy devils.

Swedish Pancakes are made with— what's this? Cottage cheese inside.  Remember that stuff? Its like the cheese that doesn't taste like cheese, so you're like, "Who are you?" And it's like, "I'm cottage cheese." And you're like, "Are you sure you're cheese?" And it's like "Stfu, I'm sure."  All right, all right, get in the bowl, this is your recipe to shine, cottage cheese.

Swedish Pancakes are fun to make, and totally worth the extra bit of whisking you must do in order to get the texture light and airy. Garnishing with A LOT of powdered sugar and then a generous squeeze of lemon juice on top is how you do it.  These little bütes, as Steve Irwin would say, are lemony, sweet, and not too filling. Whether you're out to brave the sales or just tossing around the football, this breakfast won't take it out of you. Mahalo to Ben Nyberg from Kauai for sharing his recipe and letting us tweak it a 'lil bit.

click to enlarge The "Uncle Ben" of Hawaii. - PHOTO BY CATHY NYBERG
The "Uncle Ben" of Hawaii.
Photo by Cathy Nyberg
"Uncle Ben's Swedish Pancakes"

Lemons, garnish

Powdered sugar, lots, garnish

Pancake ingredients— here is where you can begin to freak out. Just kidding, I got you.

6 eggs, separated, beat whites to soft peaks— a lot of us don't have electric egg beaters; it seems like a task, but if you throw a little Dave and Steve on the boom box, you'll be at soft peaks in no time.

click to enlarge You got this. - PHOTO BY KATE MCLEAN
You got this.
Photo by Kate McLean
In another bowl, beat the following together, incorporating the AP Flour last...
6 egg yolks
8 Tbs. Sugar (Ben, don't kill me)
3 tsp. vanilla extract
1 pound cottage cheese, small curd
½ stick butter, melted
1 lemon, juice and zest
1 pinch salt, just because
2/3 cup AP Flour (last)

Next, lightly fold the soft peaks into the big bowl. Careful not to knock out the air.

In the pan they go!  When cooking pancakes, use butter and go medium heat to obtain a nice golden brown and crisp edge. When you see the little bubbles opening up, deeper and deeper: that is when you flip. Allow the pancake to "kiss" the other side in the pan and then on the plate they go.

Besides these pancakes; here’s a few reasons why the Swedish are particularly great:

1. Gravlax
2. Alexander Skarsgård.
3. The Vikings, in real life.
4. Vikings, that TV show.
5. Dill.
6. Valkyries.
7. Berserkers.
8. I mean they sailed to America and were like, no big deal, let’s go back home and raid someone who’s actually rich— and eat pancakes.

All of these ingredients you can find at the store— bacon pairs well too. Happy Thanksgiving.
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