Late Night At Better Luck Tomorrow

Party of two, me and you— the Party Melt at Better Luck Tomorrow.
Party of two, me and you— the Party Melt at Better Luck Tomorrow.
Photo by Kate McLean
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Not ready to call it quits at 9 p.m. every day? We're looking at the best places Houston has for late-night sustenance.

Getting warm and fuzzy at Better Luck Tomorrow is a solid late night move because apart from the creative cocktail list, their soulful menu has something for everyone. And by everyone, I mean vegans. What’s more is the funky playlist will haunt you for days on end; Mavis Staples, Childish Gambino, Sharon Jones. Whether you Shazam on the sly or out in the open, a trip to BLT will also beef up the Spotify.

Tuesday night—what’s better than going on a date with a hot investment banker, or more realistically, zoning out solo over a steamy bowl of Cacio e Pepe? That’s right; BLT serves Cacio e Pepe on Tuesday nights because it’s the one night Coltivare is closed. How’s that for chef brotherhood? Cacio e Pepe isn’t easy to make; there are seven different ways it can go wrong—which is why when this kitchen nails it, it makes you want to curl up into a ball and just hold yourself. They use the perfect amount of black pepper, enough to tickle and keep on tickling, while the cheesey sauce expertly grips al-dente spaghetti.

Fried chicken you say? Yes, they have that too. On Monday nights BLT serves up a bucket of Tejas Heritage Farm fried chicken and the rice flour crust will leave you googly eyed. It comes with three sides; that day in particular the sides were: garlicky monkey bread, coleslaw and potato salad. This experience costs $32.99 plus $7 for the sides, and is a good share for three people. Any other day of the week you can get your fix with the Fried Chicken on the menu. Tossed in schmaltz and brown butter and served with Hasselback potatoes and a watercress, dill, pickled carrot, parsley salad—this dish is lightspeed.

Mondays are for fried chicken.
Mondays are for fried chicken.
Photo by Kate McLean

All right here’s the deal: The Party Melt at BLT is so crushable that while you could share, you won’t want too. The magic happens with that first bite when the special sauce combines with the beef juices to make a warm, happy sauce— kind of like an office holiday party. Caramelized onions and paper thin raw onions leave a quiet essence that is just enough to cut through all the richness. Finished off with crisp Cabot cheddar Texas Toast bookends, this sandwich is guaranteed to have you and those watching, smiling.

Here’s a tip, GET THE LAMB BELLY. It’s not weird, lamb belly is your friend and with a description like “crunchy, fried, sweet, sour, salty, spicy,” well, that’s a must. The Lamb Belly is one of those crave-able dishes that will pop in your head at random moments of hunger in your life. Garlic slivers, mint, jalapeño, cumin sweet and sour, yes, yes, yes.

Vegans, your turn now! The Southern Bean Stew was made for you, by Yu. BLT regular, Ashley Ellerin, explains that after being impressed with all the other menu items, they decided to order the stew. Now, it’s the first thing she brings up when talking about the food. “That soup is a masterpiece- it’s so simple- the flavors melt together into this perfect concoction that feels like comfort food and fine dining at the same time.” Guess who’s pinching themselves for not ordering one.

On the subject of vegeta-healthy options, the Roasted Mushrooms on crispy chickpea farinata is vegetarian, and the Wagyu Beef Salad is a good bet.

With “The Cycle,” guests have the opportunity to taste all ten menu items for $99. Hey-yo. Otherwise, items are reasonably priced between $6 and $17.

Better Luck Tomorrow
544 Yale
The kitchen is open until midnight every day.

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