This Little Piggy Went to Kata Robata

Say what you will about Twitter -- that the microblogging/messaging service is ruining our attention spans, that it's killing "real" blogging -- but sometimes paying careful attention to your Twitter stream pays off. Take this past Friday, when Kata Robata announced that it was offering free suckling pig on its patio for anyone who came out.

On March 4, the restaurant posted this Tweet: "$7 handcrafted cocktails and free suckling pig on the patio today. 5pm til the piggy runs out. come on down and start your weekend . #PIGWIN"

Needless to say, we were there right at 5 p.m.

Sous chef Seth Siegel-Gardener was dishing out platter after platter of suckling pig so tender, it fell apart the second you picked it up. Along with the pork, there was a "fixings" station with bao-like pancakes, several different housemade sauces, scallions, fried garlic, pickled cucumbers and more.

Guest mixmaster Linda Salinas was shaking up a trio of juicy Indies-inspired cocktails -- the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria -- as well as a tribute to Charlie Sheen: the Tigerblood. Although it was $3 more than the other cocktails, it came in a giant hollowed-out pineapple that probably held at least two cocktails' worth of boozy goodness inside.

The free pig party lasted until the pork ran out, which took all night. Not a bad way to kick off the weekend.

See more photos from the pig party in our slideshow.

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