Fried Chicken Platter at Liberty Kitchen
Fried Chicken Platter at Liberty Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Liberty Kitchen.

This Saturday, Get Your Fowl at Liberty Kitchen and BRC for National Fried Chicken Day

So, I guess I'm supposed to start this post by offering some sort of apology for buying into yet another national food holiday. Well, too bad -- I'm not sorry! I love holidays, I love fried chicken, and I don't care a whit if this fete was created in the boardroom of the National Poultry Association. Any excuse to feast on fried fowl is a good excuse and this Saturday, National Fried Chicken Day, I will be celebrating.

And thanks to BRC and Liberty Kitchen, I can do so in the comfort of my own home and therefore avoid having to put on pants. Both restaurants are serving cold fried chicken and sides starting at 11 a.m. (until the grub runs out) and offering to-go bags for those of us who want to consume our lunch in a more bucolic setting on the deck in our underwear.

At BRC, you can dine on two pieces cold fried chicken, a biscuit, ginger cilantro slaw, and bacon potato salad for $15. Only have two fives in your wallet? Head then to Liberty Kitchen, where two pieces of cold fried chicken, blue cheese avocado potato salad, and a grilled jalapeno cost only $10.

"But Joanna, what if I don't have any cash on me? Just a Visa?" That's easy, son. Pick up one meal at BRC and another at Liberty Kitchen, charge both, and set up a mini-banquet for National Fried Chicken Day. Consider briefly inviting your neighbor/roommate/spouse, reject that idea, and eat both platters yourself. On the deck, in your underwear.

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