This Week In Deliciousness

First some good news: we thought Late Night Pie was dead and gone, but it turns out we were mistaken; they've simply moved to a new location and will be returning with a full liquor license. Which is awesome, because pizza actually goes really well with wine.

In sadder news, Tex-Mex king Matt Martinez Jr. passed away at the age of 63 on Friday, March 13. Along with his family, he owned Matt's Rancho Martinez and Matt's No Place restaurants in Dallas as well as an interest in Matt's El Rancho in Austin. He was defiantly Tex-Mex in all he did, and we'll miss him.

Robb Walsh had a busy week, hitting the Tilted Kilt for St. Patty's Day and some tofu and barbecue for the hell of it before heading off to South by Southwest where he sat on the prestigious SXSW BBQ panel, toured the eateries in the section of Austin known as SoCo and caught some average BBQ with some above-average local flavor on his way back to Houston.

Katharine Shilcutt experienced some fine recession dining at Gravitas and gave your grandmother's home cooking a big ol' middle finger with her visit to Pie In the Sky in Montgomery County. I'm sure the pie is great, but why be hurtful, Katharine?

There was also a really neat deal for free burgers at the Five Guys Burgers & Fries grand opening. If you missed it, well... you can still pay for them. The line will be shorter, too.

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