This Week In Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where today's snowfall has got us breaking out the 55-gallon drum of chicken soup.

We started the week off with Greenway Barista's daring proclamation of the best cafe in Texas, and Robb Walsh discovering that the new Kim Son cafe delivers, although only in the literal sense of the word. Lauren McKechnie provided some great cold weather foods from local establishments, and Jane Catherine Collins tried some spicy wine paired with barbecue. Sounds tasty, although still not sure it can hold a candle to TWiD's favorite pairing: Thunderbird and beef jerky.

Ruthie Johnson had a list of creative places you can take your kids for some after-church meals, including a pub and a bowling alley. Reverent! Robb blew our minds by investigating some top-shelf L.A. ramen. Who even knew there was such a thing? Well... besides all those folks in L.A.

After Robb stalked, captured, and ate some wily dorilocos (tiny Guatemalan rodents with scent glands that squirt a substance which smells and tastes just like salsa), Greenway checked out the 888 Bistro in Clear Lake, which is 222 too much to be The Beast. Also, Eating Our Words is having a holiday wine tasting! It's gonna be totally sweet. Me and the Shameless Chef are gonna get so shitfaced. (Just kidding. They won't let either of us into the event after what happened at the July 4th barbecue. We still think the Molotov bottle rocket was a damn good invention, and we stand by it, despite all the property damage.)

No prisoners were taken in the comments section of Robb's article on Hodad's "best burger in the country" designation; the debate as to the superiority of shredded vs. leafy lettuce promises to rage onward into eternity. Two articles on excellent cold-weather dishes followed suit: the Shameless Chef's foray into the simple heartiness of wiener soup, and Jane's awesome-looking pot of kimchi stew. The swine flu's days are numbered.

Robb provided chapter one of what promises to be a culinary epic in wild duck gumbo, which coincidentally just happened to be one of TWiD's many nicknames in high school. Blake Whitaker enlightened us all on the story behind the big black dick on the cover of My Table magazine: turns out it's Freud's own pepper shaker.

After glancing at Breckenridge Brewery's Agave Wheat beer, some caffeinated beef jerky, and some green chile sauce, it was time to get down to what the holidays are really about: desserts. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but everyone can celebrate a finely-crafted pastry. Or two. Or maybe even dessert-themed architecture.

Robb posted an article regarding the best barbecue brisket in Texas, and he's tried most of them, save what's offered at that one place with hours even more sparse than the Hubcap Grill's. He also sampled a pair of elote trucks, and although it would seem difficult to screw up a cupful of corn and Mexican condiments, one of them managed to. Robb's meal featuring hot ajver seemed to go much better, and we'd kind of like to meet this "gorgeous Bosnian friend" of his.

Mike Morris is afraid he'll burn in hell for loving Nielsen's devilish mayonnaise so much, but TWiD has never read anything in the Bible about sinful mayo, so he should be good. Like most things that start on Twitter, the recent mushroom burger protest at Little Big's was just a bald-faced publicity stunt. Personally, we'd rather get outfitted with our personally tailored wine selection, courtesy of Spec's Patrick Storfer.

Katharine Shilcutt listed the ten best places to eat in Memorial, and most of you guys seem to agree with her, which makes TWiD want to try a bunch of these places. Paul Knight was stricken beefless at Bar-B-Que Blues, and Jason Kerr was impressed at the late night scene at Mama's Cafe. Robb picked up some homemade cracklins from a soul food kitchen, which pretty much sounds like the best thing ever.

After some explanation from Robb as to why we're so hellbent on taco trucks and other street food staples, Greenway revealed the secret to making coffee at home. Paul got some play upstairs at the unpronounceable gem Marfreless, and Jane caught some free cupcakes from the Little Debbie truck. There's a Little Debbie truck? Wow... guess there is a Santa Claus.

Mike offered some insight into (and some video of) the manufacturing process behind spicy andouille sausage, and in this week's Food Fight, Katharine had Hugo's slug it out with Connie's Seafood Market for the right to claim "Best Ceviche". Finally, Robb closed out the week with a look at a tasty condiment made from Vietnamese cockroaches. Mmm, bug butter! The adventures never stop on this blog. No matter how hard we try to stop them.

We close this week's roundup with an Eating Our Words public service announcement: It's snowing outside right now and the roads are going to be icy and slick. So please, just for today, try not to drive like such assholes, Houston. Thank you, and enjoy the winter wonderland!

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