This Week In Deliciousness

Well, I never. Last week, a couple of truants snuck in a pair of articles after This Week In Deliciousness went to press, so even though they were tardy, go read about Spec's cheese-less Wine & Cheese festival, and make sure you send the link to Robb Walsh's article on How To Cook a Cow Head to all your vegan friends. But only if you're the kind of person who finds making your friends vomit hilarious. (We're guessing most of you.)

This week's Snackshot was Hubcap Grill's authentic muffaletta burger, and this week in Where Are We Eating?, several of you guessed correctly that we were eating at Brasil, despite the fact that we turned the picture all sideways. Good Lord, people, what does it take?

Robb enjoyed some congrejos, which are Mexican pastries shaped like crabs and which are, like most Mexican pastries, dry as a mouthful of sand. Jay Francis, Food Explorer, went food exploring near the farmers' market at Gibbs and Airline, and found fresh pinto beans as well as other cheap, plentiful fruits and vegetables to keep the scurvy away.

Robb Walsh was in high gear this week, letting fly with articles about oyster and artichoke soup, San Antonio's Brasserie Pavil, homemade hamburguesa tortas, poppyseed kolaches, a local fishmonger's booth, and the wonderfully swollen, Texas-sized blessings that are dewberries. Finally, Robb wrapped the week up with a post on Tortas Las Llardas' authentic Mexico City pineapple hamburgers. How authentic? Why, you can taste the genuine Mexico City air pollution, even through Houston's own ambient smog!

Jay Francis reported on the traditional Mexican candies available at Las Delicias, with Commenter of the Week Midtown Coog randomly warning us that "LEAD BASED CANDY KILLS." Thank you, Midtown Coog, although we're told that lead-based candies may be safely consumed by all Robocops and Terminators.

Next up, Katharine Shilcutt conjures up images of redwood-size candles in her Health Department Round-Up, and then soothes our fears by letting us know that the end of shrimp season doesn't actually amount to a whole lot of change in most seafood joints. And it's been about a week since somebody said something nice about Feast, so they went and introduced recession-priced meal options. We're on to you, Feast.

We've also had some more recent restaurant openings and closings: Seafood is in, Hawaiian cooking is out. Looks like it's back to beachside luaus for the lot of you. And oh look! There are some sweet-ass local events coming up! Included are the Great Taste of the Heights festival this Saturday, and Game Night at the Tasting Room, which dares to add alcohol to the already evil and infuriating game of Monopoly. Go before the bodies pile up and it gets shut down.

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