This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we've filled a vacationing co-worker's cubicle with gummi bears. Ah, delicious whimsy! Good thing it's cooled off a little; last time we tried this back in July, she came back to a cubicle full of piping hot rainbow-colored slime. Majestic, but hell to clean up.

We started the week off right with the world's cheapest cocktail. Classy as balls! Does it come in pre-mixed 40 oz. containers?

We tried to duplicate Luby's famous mac 'n' cheese, and succeeded! Next stop: the formula for Coca Cola. Don't worry: if we accidentally make RC Cola we'll chalk it up to hubris and torch the lab.

Katharine Shilcutt accidentally ate not only an endangered fish, but an endangered fish that looks like the bad half of Harvey Dent. But it's cool, it turns out we're unknowingly eating endangered fish all the damn time. Hey, I know it's politically incorrect, but I refuse to apologize for my love of grilled lemon butter Coelacanth!

We stopped by Barcadia and discovered that, despite the influence of nostalgia, old video games just aren't as cool as we remember. Once you've mowed down a dozen police officers by firing a machine gun out the window of a moving ice cream truck in Grand Theft Auto, how are you supposed to get excited about Asteroids? Still... sitting down to watch E.T. while guzzling Dr Pepper and wolfing down Doritos is as awesome as ever it was. Rest In Peace, Arch West, you brilliant man.

We mentioned Katharine Shilcutt earlier, and she had a big week: she finally reached her number one choice for best Houston meal, and it really is a damn fine choice: simple yet delicious cheese enchiladas at Los Dos Amigos. And just in case you forgot why we're counting this list down in the first place, it's to celebrate our annual Best of Houston issue. Keep that issue in your car for when someone inevitably asks "So, where should we eat?" You'll be the toast of your friends, we promise.

Of course, you'll still need to keep following the blog so you can put together your very own multi-course meals like I just did. First, I'm gonna start with BB's fried pickles. For the main course, we're going to do tacos, and then for dessert: beer and cheese. Yes, that is a legitimate dessert. Don't ask why, it just is.

What are we calling this bizarre new mutant libation just created by El Gran Malo? My idea: El Suspensorio Del Diablo, or, in English, Satan's Jockstrap. High-five, I've done it again!

Sunny's sounds like an absolutely wonderful place to get rip-roaringly piss-drunk, and this is seemingly confirmed by the fourth picture down in that article. The guy with the white hair and striped shirt: doesn't it look like he's about two seconds away from passing clean out? Classic! Hope he's okay.

People like boiled bean dirt for some reason, so here are some songs for you guys. On a final note: please don't let the Colorado Death Orbs into your home, no matter how much they claim to be part of this balanced breakfast.

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