This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we've already started marinating the turducken. After E. Ting's N. Formative chat with Elouise Jones of Ouisie's Table, Robb Walsh started the week off right with some obscure wine. Robb also figured out something for us to do with all this broccoli and cavatelli we've got lying around, so that was helpful.

Katharine Shilcutt wrote an article on Monday, and we still haven't figured out what it's about yet because the picture that goes with it features Scarlett Johanssen's boobs. Something about none of Esquire's top 100 American bars being in Houston? I dunno. Mmm. Wow. Talk about deliciousness.

Robb took a foray into the natural goodness of grass-fed beef, but at $7 a pound, some of us are simply going to have to learn to like the taste of bovine growth hormone. J.C. Reid tried out Chocolat du Monde in Rice Village, a dessertery based around the classic underrated Pixies album Trompe Le Monde. Try the Alec Eiffel Tower of Truffle.

Sure, "dessertery" is a word. We don't care what the dictionary says, smartass, this isn't Scrabble.

Campbell's Soup is screwing around with their formula in order to lower their at-times astronomical sodium levels. Could Robb tell the difference? You'll have to read to find out. He also figured out how to make a relatively simple beet risotto, but keep in mind that even if you follow his instructions to the letter, you will still wind up with a dish with beets in it.

Vegan cake that's actually tasty? Nikki Metzgar says so, and we believe her. Seriously, few cookies are as delicious as those vegan pumpkin cookies that appear in the fall at River Oaks theater. Nom.

Rich Connelly filled us in on a tumultuous feud between two Houston foodie giants. Or maybe not. More concrete was Robb's call to help a barbecuesman in his hour of YES BARBECUESMAN IS A WORD TOO. Just stoppit. Uh, this guy who cooks really good ribs over by Almeda could use a bigger, better barbecue smoker. Help him out, folks. We had some of those ribs last week, and they are dynamite.

Robb's got an update on a blüe öyster pläte. Needs more... something. Some kind of percussion instrument. Tambourine? No, that's not it. Oh well.

J.C. wrote an article that starts out with the sentence "Juan Montero is an international man of sandwiches." If that's not enough pure, undiluted awesome to keep you reading, then we can't be friends anymore. So, too, was Katharine's Food Fight, this week concentrating on bagels. Talk about tough decisions. The first Balboa / Creed fight was won by a broader margin.

Robb's got some potage, bro! Spring break! Woooo! J.C. listed five weird-ass food movies. He showed remarkable restraint by including only one out of a possible seven well-known movies about cannibalism. See if you can name them in the comments section!

Sarah Rufka talked to Curtis Weeks of the Monnalisa, Katharine talked to the Wine Conference's Geri Druckman, and Robb talked to the guys who put together his shawarma at this drive-thru. We're people... persons. People people? Screw it.

Finally, this Saturday and Sunday, the Houston Hot Sauce Festival will be held at the Stafford Centre. Ladies, you can get serious cool points with your guy by letting him know about it. Eating a shitload of hot sauce is one of the manliest things one can do, aside from bear wrestling, tractor punching, and bobbing for piranhas. Just don't ride him down if he tearfully asks for some ranch.

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