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Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we kind of want our old pizza delivery job back just so we can hang out in the walk-in freezer. Yes, it's hot as balls here in Houston, and that's why we started the week off right with a look at Robb Walsh's 10 favorite ice cream places in Houston. It's summer, so it's time for a good rerun or two.

We also had a look at the five best types of food to eat alive. The bottom five included alligator, wild boar, lobster, giant squid, and of course the most dangerous game of all... MAN.

Pasadena held a strawberry festival, and we took some pictures of it . We've started up a new series on Houston's food trucks, which are getting more and more popular by the day. We also tried out Brasserie 19, even though the quality of the previous 18 Brasseries was decidedly mixed. It was like Star Trek movie rules: every other one was pretty good, but the even-numbered ones stank on ice.

The word "bistro" means "expensive sandwich" in Italian, so we were lucky to get a good-quality burger for under ten bucks at one. I once saw a $15 burger on the menu at this place in Austin. $15, man! I'd sooner eat a green waffle. Actually, that green waffle looks pretty good.

The new Nigerian restaurant in town has to have the catchiest, most fun to say name we've seen in a long time. If "Peppersoup Cafe" doesn't make you at least a little bit happy, there's an excellent chance you're a dick. Sorry to have to be the one to tell you.

Is there a donut place in Houston better than Shipley's? I don't know, so please don't burn my house down, Shipley's zealots. But you can bet I'm gonna be sampling that Bavarian cream, soon. I wonder if the Bavarian cream gets better the closer you get to Bavaria? Probably not, unlike these foods. That was a really awkward segue but I'm totally leaving it in.

Several types of marijuana sound pretty tasty, but rest assured, all taste like the ass end of a diseased Gila monster - another critter it's dangerous to eat while still alive, by the way. I guess that's why they're not served at The Brisket House. Deductive reasoning: I has it.

We sampled a bus station burger that, shockingly enough, wasn't all that great. You can definitely find better places to eat in Houston... why, at least five, I would say.

Houston's own Little India is more than colorful saris and elaborate musical numbers, so we invite you to go check it out.

Finally, a local place has figured out that people aren't all that fond of hurriedly snorking down their meals from a Styrofoam container like a hobo, so they'll serve you a lovely little meal on a lovely little tray and they'll even throw in a toy. If I may suggest next week's toy: Slinkies. The real metal ones. Everybody loves a Slinky.

Have a great weekend!

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