This Week In Deliciousness

Welcome back to Eating Our Words' weekly round-up, where we try to put the week in some kind of perspective for you, before you go out on the weekend and obliterate it all.

Monday was Memorial Day, also known as National Cookout Day. Robb Walsh paid tribute with his study of the grilling of Cajun stuffed peppers, which offset our normal aversion to vegetables by looking like little meat grenades. Explosively scrumptious! Next up: tofu soup and Bulgogi tacos at Hagawon, whatever the hell those are.

We failed once again to stump you in this week's Where Are We Eating?; even though it seemed we had you vexed at first, a few of you wound up correctly guessing Sparkle's. This week's Openings and Closings was particularly xenophobic, with many ethnic / foreign food joints shutting down. It's not all bad, though; that Irish place McDonald's is still going strong.

We can't imagine why you'd be in Dickinson, but if your car breaks down there or something, have the tow truck swing you by Oaxaca Meat Market, which got a glowing, if gory, review from J.C. Reid. In our continuing Recession Snacking column, you can find out how to tell Chinese tea eggs from soy sauce eggs; turns out that, just like with good steak, the secret is in the marbling. Huh. Cool.

Robb pulled over to get some fresh fruits and vegetables from Dilorio Farm's produce stand, and not only that, he even cooked himself some purple hull peas for breakfast. We're guessing asking for Cap'n Crunch is frowned upon in the Walsh household.

Nikki Metzgar rounded up some unusual beverages for cooling off this summer, including something called mango lassi, which she claims is better than a smoothie, and gingerbeer, which, not to be biased, is the Devil's own piss. We apologize if we seem harsh; someone snuck gingerbeer on us once when we were expecting normal beer, and we have never fully recovered. Fortunately, Robb offered a palate-cleanser in the form of a big, sloppy burger obtained at Koppe Bridge Bar & Grille in College Station.

Katharine Shilcutt is adventurous, and this week her adventures included heeding a TV commercial (never a good idea) and experimenting with the Pop-Tart and ice cream sandwich. The verdict: tasty, if impossibly rich, and goes well with an insulin chaser. In this week's Café Bites, Paul Galvani focused on our personal favorite contender from our Menu of Menus event, Hollister Grill, and Katharine narrated some footage from Anvil's Battle Michelada, an event where several bartenders got together and tried to make beer and tomato juice taste good. No, we're not kidding.

J.C. stopped into Stuckey's for some nostalgia and pecan logs, and Robb explored some spicy fish and some jellyfish salad. Tastes great, stings like hell, just like Pappy's Genuine Texas Bee Salsa. Next up, a recipe for pickles ideally suited for the lazy bastard: you just stick 'em in a jar, pour in some brine, toss 'em in the cellar, and forget about 'em. Well, not completely. You need to check on them in a couple of days. Mark your calendar or something, or just... you're sitting back down... annnd you're asleep. Jeez, you are lazy.

We're wrapping up the week by politely informing you of your sub-par taste in shots. Honestly, there's nothing wrong with downing some straight-up Maker's, Houston. Finally, referring back to our newly opened restaurants, Robb investigated Shuck Daddy's and discovered: They do, indeed, sell food. See y'all next week!

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