This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to Eating Our Words' weekly roundup, where we've already picked all those wonderful little brown rye chips out of the Gardetto's. This week started off with a story from another dimension: Conservatives are applauding Whole Foods, while liberals are boycotting it. WHAAAA?!!?! At first we thought we were in some kind of alternate universe where George W. Bush converted all the cars to run on water and Toby Keith sang hardcore industrial metal with filthy lyrics, but then we saw what had happened: Someone had disagreed with Obama. Say no more. We'll get our fantastically overpriced kombucha somewhere else, thank you! (Why are we doing this again?)

Sarah Rufka cooled off with some soft Italian ice at Coco's Crepes and Coffee, and Robb Walsh hit up the Cliff House in Stamford for some chicken fried steak, then asked for some noodles we need to know about.

J.C. Reid weighed famed chocolate-hazelnut spread Nutella against its off-brand and homemade imitators. Katharine Shilcutt got to sample a whole lot of tasty pork while various chefs were getting their widdle feewings hurt at Catalan's pork belly throwdown. But hey, it's all in good fun, right? WRONG, if the testy commenters on that article have anything to say about it. And they do. At great length.

As far as summer cocktails go, Cava Bistro's Southern Belle looks spot on. In fact, it would probably go well with Robb's barbecued crabs. After a food poisoning debacle with some bad sushi last week, we think we're finally ready to get back into some (fully cooked) seafood.

Robb tackled a full-on burger assault at Roadhouse Burger in Cypress, and Nikki Metzgar served up a one-two punch with the recipe for Julia's Bistro's plantain crusted snapper and five foods only grandma can make. We've said it before and we'll say it again: No one can make chicken and dumplin's as amazing as our MeMaw's. The secret ingredient was love. Love, and a hell of a lot of Crisco.

Robb went for some Thai food and fell for the ol' bait-and-switch this week at Tom Yung Goong's, but Katharine managed to get her money's worth out of Huynh Restaurant's authentic Vietnamese food. Yes, there is still an authentic Vietnamese place downtown.

Robb chimed in with some good news: The Seabrook seafood stores are replenished! Everybody grab your coolers and head on down, it'll be just like trick or treating! Except you're not wearing costumes. And you have to pay for what you get. You know what? It's nothing like trick or treating. Sorry.

Robb finished off his week with more obscure wine and a study of Café Cubano's Cuban Sandwich. Goes great with embargoed cigars!

Sarah had a chat with Reid McGraff of a+ bar and grille, yet avoided the obvious question: Why no capital letters? Is it an e.e. cummings reference? Those always fly right by us.

Katharine's always-controversial Food Fight column covered cheese enchiladas this week, and we can't tell you who won (just go read the article, lazy-ass), but we can tell you who won Least Appetizing Description Ever: Katharine, for the passage "The enchiladas are absolutely drenched in amber-colored grease that rings the plate like discharge from an untended wound."

Discharge From An Untended Wound... looks like we've got a name for that hardcore industrial metal band we're putting together with Toby Keith.

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John Seaborn Gray