This Week In Deliciousness

All right, stop what you're doing right now and go check out J.C. Reid's hot-off-the-grill article on Frito Pies. You're allowed to fancy 'em up however you like, but they've endured because all you really need is Fritos, cheese, and chili. And let's face it, in a pinch you can do without the cheese.

We began the week with Easter leftovers, as I'm sure many of you did. Katharine Shilcutt's article on Peeps, and the many abuses they suffer before they're eaten, was a lovely way to celebrate the Easter Bunny's resurrection (or whatever it is, I can never remember). Robb Walsh's post on leftover Deviled ham seemed like sort of an odd Easter tradition to have, but here in America we're all about tolerating the bizarre religious peccadilloes of others. At least until Texas secedes from the union again, then out come the pitchforks and torches.

Honestly, the comparatively low-level weirdness of the Deviled ham article didn't really strike us until just now, since it was immediately preceded by Robb's article on Mo's Bacon Bar, a chocolate bar which incorporates bacon. Most people won't try it, because not only might it rocket you into nauseous convulsions... but what if it doesn't? What would that say about you?

Robb hit us with a two-parter about these weird ads Burger King is running in Spain for their new "Texican Burger", featuring a big cowboy and a little luchador helping each other out around the house. Actually, the commercial is kind of sweet, the way they cooperate, but it inflamed a lot of tempers and wound up getting taken down. Which is probably just as well; having tasted Spanish attempts at Tex-Mex during a 2006 trip, we can only imagine the burger itself is soon to follow. No offense, Spain, but stick to wine and paella.

Next, Robb informed us of Leibman's unusually well-put-together grilled triple-decker Reuben which, despite violating the traditionally messy Reuben aesthetic, actually turned out to be quite tasty. And to wrap things up for the week, Robb served us dessert in the form of a big-ass ice cream / taco salad at local French joint La Brocante. Ice cream served in big bowl of pastry? Oh, okay, if you insist.

Katharine Shilcutt led the way to the new Houston Press Flickr group via some Minute Maid Park nachos. Then, she let us know that Feast and Reef are once again being honored, this time by Travel and Leisure Magazine. Wonder who'll be honoring Feast and Reef next week? Moving on, Fleming's Steakhouse at Town & Country Village is now open, cooking up some damn good filet mignon by effectively searing the bejeezus out of it at 1600 degrees, but only briefly. Good wine list, too.

In part two of This Week In Ice Cream (part one if you're going chronologically), Katharine sent out the alert that popular Yankee ice cream Graeter's is now available in our very own Kroger stores. Try the "blueberry pie" flavor, it's your best bet. Finally, Katharine's week ended in mild disappointment, with a meal at vegetarian Mango's that was substantially below par. She gave them kudos for trying something different, but then again the important part of trying is succeeding. At least that's what our soccer coach used to tell us.

Want some authentic South African cuisine without the disturbing history of racial turmoil? Margaret Downing discovered Peli Peli, and thoroughly enjoyed pretty much everything she had there. And of course there's the old food critic axiom: cheap wine never hurts.

Bonus: in an article that didn't quite make it in time for last week's This Week In Deliciousness, Mike Giglio tried his damnedest to spend $13 at DNR European Café and Deli. It seems like everything went pretty well, and hey, at least they play the Seal version of "If You Don't Know Me By Now" and not the Michael Bolton version.

Finally, the Comment of the Week: Brittanie, in Mike's article, pointing out how a restaurant called DNR is sort of off-putting when it's so close to the Medical Center. See, in a medical context, DNR means "Do Not Resuscitate". You'd know that if you watched as much House as we do. Maybe next they'll open up a place right next to the hospital called Hank's Italian Vittles. "Tasteless, but tasty!™" See you next week!

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