This Week In Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we can never remember whether or not you're supposed to hyphenate the word "roundup." Perhaps we should call this installment "This Week In Thanksgiving," because boy oh boy, did we ever get into the holiday spirit. Well, what did you expect? How else is a food blog supposed to handle a holiday centered entirely around gluttony?

The week started off with a study of an amazing-looking creation (pan cake pork) from a restaurant with a very, very silly name (Fu Fu Cafe), followed by Lauren McKechnie pondering the subject of food shortages. Katharine Shilcutt provided a list of some of the cruelest food-preparation practices from around the world, and TWiD is finally going to have to come right out and say it: Cruelty is delicious. Tears for Fears is not just a stellar band; they are also two necessary ingredients in some of the best food.

Jane Catherine Collins paired egg rolls with Pinot Grigio wine, which outclasses the hell out of TWiD's favorite dessert: Franzia and Twinkies. Greenway Barista checked out Cafe Rose, and Liana Lopez finished up her heartwarming series on a very miniature Thanksgiving.

Cathy Matusow rounded up some truly hilarious Thanksgiving memories from some of our fellow Houston Press staffers, and we hope you were paying attention on Thursday while Katharine was live-tweeting her own Thanksgiving experience. It was far and away our favorite Twitter experience ever since we were re-tweeted by Ted Leo. Also of note: Chick-fil-A is now selling a peppermint chocolate shake. Good news, to be sure... just don't try to get one on a Sunday.

Katharine investigated CityCenter's new Yard House, while Robb Walsh hit the taco trucks with a guy named Edge, who you might know for his Southern Foodways Alliance and his twinkly, inventive guitar riffs.

Mike Morris had some decidedly non-Renaissance food at the Renaissance Fair, and Jane, Robb and the Shameless Chef all got into a big ol' pumpkin fight. Feelings were hurt. Mistakes were made. Jane's pumpkin pie came out perfect, the Shameless Chef's creation turned out like something a pumpkin-themed superhero would eat in order to recharge his powers, and Robb hit us with the somewhat surprising revelation that using canned pumpkin is better than roasting them yourself. Hey, if Robb gets mixed results, TWiD doesn't even want to try it. We'd accidentally bring the thing to life and spend the rest of the day chasing it around the neighborhood, pumping shotgun slugs into it while it scared children and vandalized mailboxes.

John Nova Lomax reported on the closing of La Strada, a very disheartening things-we-lost-in-the-fire type story. But don't tear your clothes and smear yourself with soot just yet; Robb and Ruthie Johnson have some tres leches and some fancy-ass chocolates to cheer you right back up again. Oh, comfort food: You are our favorite way to die slowly.

Jane talked to Sally Swiss for the Wine of the Week, not to be confused with Whine of the Week, which went to the commenter who was obsessed with making sure we knew that there was no such thing as "almost" committing an act of cannibalism. Thanks, dude! Semantics are important! Take your meds!

Robb got ahold of some Thanksgiving pies and some fresh, free-range, organic turkey that cost him nearly 50 bucks. Which brings us to Lesson No. 2: Not only is cruelty tasty, it's way cheaper. Oh, quit your bellyaching; it's only slightly worse than the cruelty we deliberately inflict upon our own internal organs via bad mall food. Not that there isn't good mall food to be had, but we know most of you will be purchasing the horrible stuff, which we hope you are enjoying today on this, the blackest of Fridays!

After a quick chat with Natalie Hollon of Taps House of Beers, Lauren McKechnie got into Baker's Ribs, which got TWiD through many a hungry day in his old apartment. Mike tried some of Ren Fest's traditional brews, and Ruthie helpfully offered up a hangover cure for when you're too full of booze and post-Turkey Day tryptophan to leave the house. Or possibly still comatose in your local hospital's burn ward. Exploding turkeys: the noisy killer.

Robb also instructed us on what to do with those Thanksgiving leftovers, as well as where to find a nice, plump bag of oysters. Mike provided an appetizing video of the Crawfish Ravioli at D'Amico's, and Jane posted some much-needed post-holiday drinks specials at Little Woodrow's.

We hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as we did, and we hope you're all looking forward to us making a really, really big deal about Christmas.

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