This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where today we're bitterly sniffling at the fact that everyone else from the office is at the Austin City Limits festival. It's cool! There's lots of fun stuff to do in Houston, too, you know! Bastards.

We hope you've been following along all week, and got to experience first-hand the epic sourdough odyssey begun on Monday by Robb Walsh. It started with gestating anticipation, continued into glorious fruition, and climaxed in messy but fun experimentation. This sourdough voyage was a lot like how we picture the ideal relationship.

According to Sarah Rufka's late-night visit to 59 Diner, "It's hard not to love a place where everything comes with pancakes." It's true. It feels like... home. *wistful sigh* In this week's booze news (we know; "Booze News" could be a website all on its own), Katharine Shilcutt checked out the Wine Conference, and when there's a bunch of wine-lovers in one place, you know what that means: drama. Maybe it's all the sulfites? Someone should brew some wine with Xanax in it. It would probably go pretty well in a Riesling.

Robb announced that the pumpkins are back in town, though with only one original member remaining. (Smashing Pumpkins joke! Too obvious?) Hey, if you're going to try some pumpkin recipes, why not wash it all down with some pumpkin beer? Assuming you're not on antibiotics, like we are. Because that's actually a very good reason not to drink beer.

Mike Giglio dared to sample the Grum burger at Grum Bar, and concluded that a surprisingly tasty hamburger can be made from the ground meat of the grum, which is a beaked, hairy rodent from Australia. It has poisonous barbs on all six of its webbed feet, an extra eight eyes across its leathery wings, and can emit a foul, acidic spray from the narwhal-like horn atop its head. Tasty!

Robb's sharing with you a breakfast sausage recipe. We have to assume that if you won't try it at least once, you're just being difficult. No, not you, vegans.

Nikki Metzgar played UN Inspector this week, investigating some weapons of mass cardiac obstruction. We agree with commenter Nate Dogg, who says, "There's a simple explanation for these food concepts: Marijuana." Katharine tipped readers off about the Niko Niko's viewing party for its episode of the Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Know what's really good at Niko Niko's that you wouldn't expect to be? The buffalo wings. Tangy and scrumptious. Try 'em.

New writer Glenn Livet (possibly related to E. Ting) named one of Sawyer Park Sports Bar's drinks after the co-star of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Allllll righty then.

Finally, Robb informed us of his discovery of Houston's own contender in the fast-growing French-Vietnamese breakfast food market. If you think French-Vietnamese is an unusual cultural food hybrid, wait'll you try Cajun-Pakistani. Lahori beef gumbo is to die for.

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