This Week in Deliciousness

Hello, and welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we were considering being cremated upon death, but now we think we'd rather just lay down some grill marks and stay pink in the middle.

We started the week off well with Robb Walsh's organic dirt patch finally in bloom, and followed that up by telling everyone who would listen that they should enjoy a ka'ak sandwich at the next possible opportunity. Although from the looks we got, our pronunciation may have been a bit off.

Anyone hoping to take a New Orleans king cake with them on an airplane can damn well forget about it if the thing's got any kind of filling, because as we all know, airport x-ray machines cannot distinguish between a cake filled with lemon and a cake filled with terrorism. But don't despair; once you're back in H-Town you can cheer yourself up with a bacon-wrapped hot dog. Mmm, two memes in one! Internet-a-licious!

In a follow-up on HISD's school lunches, we learned that they have already become less shitty, and are poised to keep improving. (Aside: It's always best to let kids pick out their own meals. Today's menu: gummi bear and ice cream casserole with a side of mac 'n' cheese 'n' childhood obesity.)

Hippie bastion Sandy's Market changed ownership recently, but for the better. Casa Mariachi got some Eating Our Words love, and so did banana leaves. No wait... the place is called Banana Leaf. Okay, that's a little less confusing.

Speaking of love, we had all kinds of Valentine's Day goodies for you. Hey, did you know that St. Valentine, much like love, may not even have existed? Anyway, we threw chocolate and more chocolate and still more chocolate and even more goddamned chocolate at you, plus a recipe for bread pudding sure to vanish many a pantaloon this Sunday. We stepped up with some advice for where to take that special someone, and even wrote you a poem. If all goes well, we even had an idea for what to cook for breakfast: radishes with butter, baby. Hey. Sexy.

It's as hard to argue with our list of basic kitchen necessities as it is hard to like the stupid juice-spilling oyster presentation at Papadeaux. They're oysters, not the Marines. It's okay if they lean over. It's not surprising, really; Pappas joints and gimmickry go together like pineapple, jalapeno and bacon.

Pocket pies should be mandatory. A good imagination is also important, because it can transport you to a mystical fantasy world where the shape of the glass affects what you're drinking.

Have a great Valentine's Day, everybody!

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