This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we're still trying to get the President to do something to ease the suffering of those of us who forgot we had Buffalo wing sauce on our fingers before rubbing our eyes. Hopefully something will be done to assuage our agony soon.

We started off the week with a look into some drinks appropriate for picnicking, assuming you don't have a few too many of them and start removing clothing or kicking over tables. We also provided some helpful hints for navigating your way through iFest's more grotesque booth foods, for those of you who aren't aware that you should probably pass on the deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches if you'd like to live to see Christmas. There's even a way to avoid meat altogether, though we can't imagine why you'd do such a thing.

In case you're not up to mixing cocktails for your picnic, perhaps you'd prefer some simple heat-beating beers to keep in your cooler, then. Oh, and bring some peanut butter for your non-fried PB 'n' J.

We found some bigass crawfish so huge, we had to root through our entire kitchen to find something to kill them with before they started eating our cats. It gets weird around here in the spring, man.

Don't see enough commercials on TV? Yeah, what with DVR and everything, that's a real problem, so we found some for you! Another list of five things covered non-bacon food that goes great with eggs, and it's hard to argue with boudin. This is primarily because it cannot respond to your arguments with counter-arguments. It mostly just sits there.

The search for the perfect muffin continues, but personally, TWiD considers any muffin which appears before us without us having to get up and go look for one to be perfect. Guys, some beer and cashews would be nice, too. Seriously, is that too much to ask?

They're serving Mediterranean food tapas-style now, which is a great idea. Can you think of a food that wouldn't be great tapas-style, though? Maybe salad? It would be unwieldy to try and wrangle salad into a bunch of little bowls. Not burritos, though, someone's made that work somehow.

We need to clean out our pantry, it's getting ridiculous in there. "Stewed leek hearts"? "Minced anemones in water"? And that's just the stuff in cans. We've got this one big jar that looks like gorilla hands in brine. That can't possibly be what it is... we haven't eaten gorilla hands since we were in high school. We're gonna need some serious drinking after this.

On the brighter side of happy accidents, the combo of peanut butter and chocolate still works, in case you were wondering. Date night lives on at the Farmer's Market, or if that's not your thing, maybe you'd like to try a nice spaghetti dinner.

Robb Walsh is still doing his countdown of Houston's 100 best dishes, and he's almost to the halfway point at 56. We're also wrapping up the week with some Asian food porn, because why wouldn't we? Enjoy your weekends, folks.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.