This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where if it can't be eaten with gravy, it's not worth eating. Luckily, everything can be eaten with gravy, even frozen drinks!

As you no doubt already know, we like to avoid controversy and arguing here at Eating Our Words, which is why we started off the week with a nice, safe article everyone can agree on: the best Mexican restaurants in the city. And when that article was met with unanimous assent, we listed the best fries, too.

We don't know who first looked at a crawfish and thought "Now that is something that needs to go in my mouth," but we're glad he or she did. Yes, crawfish season is here again, and folks have already started boiling the little critters up all over town. It's just a shame you either have to eat five pounds of them or go somewhere else for a real meal afterward. Not a lot of meat, really. That's kind of why we still need to eat deer, even though their cries of pain and confusion are far more disturbing when you throw them into the boiling vat. Once all the flesh is sloughed off and drained, though, you can still use the leftover deer-water for other stuff!

Some guy who talks like a slightly more self-effacing Charlie Sheen is opening a restaurant, so that'll be fun to visit just in case you didn't get enough of that "Vatican warlock / tiger blood" shit over the past few weeks. If that's not your cup of tea, you could always go visit our old pal Robb Walsh over at the fabulous El Real. Yes, they are working on the rice.

Surplus of bacon and eggs? Not to worry, we've got you covered. You could wash it down with some Kosher Coke for a while, if you so choose. Or perhaps some St. Arnold's Divine Reserve Number 11? If you wanted some, you better have already gotten some.

Arturo has nothing to do with Arturo's anymore, and since the restaurant won't stop using his name, he's suing them. Let's just hope cooler heads prevail, and that no one snaps and throws a giant hissy fit. Or if they do, let's hope someone with a decent cameraphone is nearby.

Finally, we've got a list of places to hit (and avoid) for Final Four Weekend, and as much as it pained us to do so, we couldn't recommend Reef on the basis that they've recently been acquired by Landry's Inc. On an entirely different subject: could a food blog get sued for a little April Fool's joke, do you think?

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John Seaborn Gray