This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly round-up here at Eating Our Words, the only blog in the web-o-sphere to ever successfully hurt Gordon Ramsay's feelings. No, not that Gordon Ramsay... he was a kid we knew in fifth grade, used to call him Booger Britches.

We started the week off with Sarah Rufka's visit to Late Nite Pie, which went pretty well up until the frat boys ruined it. Oh, frat boys, is there any scene you can't doucheify? Next, we turned to Katharine Shilcutt for a list, via Anvil, of 100 cocktails to try before you die that caught on like wildfire. A hundred different potential hangovers, each with its own subtle tang. The mind boggles.

Robb Walsh turned up with an announcement regarding the organic, free-range, corn-syrup-less cupcakes at Whole Foods, and an update regarding the mutant strain of fruit known as the "pluot," which are hybridized affronts to God that go great on a salad.

Katharine Shilcutt was incapacitated by some of the losing salsas at the 19th Annual Austin Hot Sauce Festival, while Robb sampled the W Grill's W Burger, so named because it's served to you wearing a little aviation suit alongside a napkin that says "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" Adorably delicious.

We heard recently that more people consider Wednesday to be the worst day of the week than Monday, and so out of consideration for you all, we gave you a heaping helping of some hot, spicy, moist Hump Day taco porn. Yeah, you sauce those picadillos. You sauce 'em reeeeeal gooooood.

J.C. Reid took a look at Steve Super, the new chef at the Tasting Room and winner of his elementary school's "Most Fun Name on Roll Call" award six years in a row. Nikki Metzgar dined like a king (with significantly fewer beheadings) at Arco Seafood, and Robb experimented with some Meso-American-style chocolates from Sagahún Chocolates in Portland, Oregon, which possess magical powers and are available via mail-order. You have an owl, right?

Robb participated in an Ethiopian coffee ceremony,and found that their culture considers coffee almost as sacred as our own. Katharine refereed a cupcake showdown between Sugarbaby's and Dessert Gallery, and was immediately accused - we're not kidding, check the first comment - of cupcake bias. Oh, sure. Here at Eating Our Words, we are nothing if not slaves to the deep pockets and powerful influence of the mighty and deadly cupcake lobby.

Nikki finished off the week with a look at the top five foods to sneak into the movies. We notice she left out cupcakes. We also notice that we haven't seen her in a couple hours... since she posted that article, in fact. Hey, anybody seen Nikki lately? What do you mean, "Who?" Nikki Metzgar, who works for us. Nothing?

...Oh jeez, this is just like that terrible Mel Gibson movie where he bites Jean-Luc Picard's nose off. Hopefully I can sneak out of the building before they DISREGARD THAT, CUPCAKES ARE DELICIOUS. YOU WANT A CUPCAKE.

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