This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we can't even remember the taste of non-booze-infused watermelon. We started the week off right with an in-depth review of some authentic po'boys, always a fine option wherever sandwiched breads are called for.

As astute and disarmingly informal as we are, we here at Eating Our Words readily admit that there are some other fine food-related resources to be had in Houston. That wasn't as difficult an admission as we thought it would be. It only hurt a little.

Barely registering on the "Give-A-Shit-O-Meter" this week are vague whisperings that some reality show we don't watch might actually be coming to town after all. Break out the good hot dog buns and fire up the oven, it's time for a celebratory bread pudding!

A Texas sandwich that's actually kind of Texas-y managed to pop up in New York, but we thought we'd have a go at seeing if we could have come up with a better sandwich to represent the Lone Star State. Nobody suggested using beer bread made from Shiner or St. Arnold? For shame.

Kiki Cafe seems to have the Taiwanese cooking down, while Thanh Phuong has rare game Vietnamese covered. We've been advised not to make any "Where's the Cocaine?" jokes when referring to the cuisine at Colombian Cuisine Restaurant. So we'll just move on.

It's nice to have another hot dog joint around that at least aspires to be creative, but we doubt they're going to be stealing customers away from Moon Tower or Eatsie Boys any time soon. On the other hand, it looks like Pondicheri might be stealing customers from... er... all those shake vendors around town. So like... Wendy's? Sure, let's go with Wendy's.

Drinking like Hemingway involves less firing double-barreled shotguns at charging rhinoceroses from the back of a moving jeep and more avoiding overly sugary cocktails, but that's still pretty cool, right? It takes a real man to knock the sweetness off a daiquiri.

Finally, let's all stop for a moment an enjoy the wonderful uniqueness of our city, before heading out to The Boneyard for a Bernie's Burger Bus benefit for the family of recently slain employee Daniel Pacheco. Our hearts go out to his family and friends.

Can't really think of a smartassed end-of-column joke that seems appropriate, so just have yourselves a good weekend.

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John Seaborn Gray