This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where, after years of therapy, we've at last learned not to hate ourselves for dipping our fries into our shakes. After Sarah Rufka's interview with the decidedly not-shy Geneva Gordon of Under the Volcano, Robb helped start the week off right with his resourceful foray into bobbing for fish-smeared croutons. Everyone will be doing it at this year's Halloween parties.

J.C. Reid recommended the bento box at Nippon, and Robb toured a wine vendor for people who don't know much about wine, but know what they like. The blog featured a wine called "Long Duck." We were proud to see that one of our comments hit on the (to us) obvious Sixteen Candles joke in the very first comment. Well done!

To escape accusations of bias regarding our popular weekly segment "Food Fight," Katherine Shilcutt and yours truly randomly chose the two participants out of a hat borrowed from Rocks Off's office. We have video to prove it. Scientific! Unfortunately, we had to make a last-minute substitution in the actual contest, and frankly, it was a suspicious thing for us to do. We smell conspiracy. We also smell delicious truffle fries.

Robb ruffled some feathers when he experienced a terrible Frito pie at Ritter's, while W. Healy bid his column goodbye with a Georgia Peach from Lolas's Depot, and the help of an unusually defensive and gushing 450-word commercial / term paper in the comments section. We love you guys! Please keep being weird as hell!

Next, Robb turned out a food-history trifecta with poor boys, shrimp and corn chowder, and a paean to the rich, creamy goodness of Spotted Dick. It is an English dessert, and also a terrible nickname for a male stripper.

J.C. enjoyed some mediocre pasta and tasty soup at Le Mistral, and Robb invited plenty of suggestions when he posed the burning question "What kind of mustard do I truly need?" Robb has a separate refrigerator for his condiments, you know. We've seen it. You could fit a bus in there.

Katharine took us on a careening spy chase for one of the 1,500 cases of St. Arnold's Limited Edition Divine Reserve brew, which turned out to be an abrasive, confrontational beer that dares you to like it. Not so much an acquired taste as a determined, undaunted, downright spiteful taste.

After Sarah Rufka's quick chat with Linda Salinas of VOICE, Nikki Metzgar ventured to take some lame food fads down a peg or two, and unfortunately, the wonderfulness of bacon was somehow caught in the crossfire. Hey, now. Bacon is not a trend. It is simply, at long last, coming into its own. ¡Víva la bacon!

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