This Week In Deliciousness

Okay, so maybe this week didn't start out so hot. First of all, Robb Walsh made the mistake of ordering a hamburger at BB's Cajun Café, a place renowned for its excellent poor boys, not so much its burgers. So not only did his week start out with a dry-ass hamburger, poor Robb was then plagiarized by Heather Lee of Florida's Ocala Magazine. The Houston Press has always considered itself above petty squabbles, however, and therefore will not stoop to even acknowledging the fact that Press loyalists are free take it upon themselves to leave an appropriately Wikipedian "[citation needed]" comment (or two) under each of Heather's articles. No, we will not even breathe a word about such a thing, despite how hilarious it may (theoretically) be.

The week started looking up, however, when we learned that Thelma's BBQ will be opening again soon. They've relocated to the corner of Scott and Southmore and look like they could open any day now, so it might not be a bad idea to start lining up. Look, you did it for Star Wars tickets, and we guarantee a good brisket will whomp the shit out of Episode I any day.

Robb revisited BB's Cajun Café and opted for the poor boys this time, and was not disappointed. He also stopped by the Polish food store next to Polonia restaurant for some kielbasa which is like Slim Jims would be if they actually were awesome enough to merit the approval of Randy "Macho Man" Savage. And, of course, it would hardly be early spring at Eating Our Words if there wasn't a dose or two of hot, creamy oyster porn. Oh, yeah. Look at those pseudopods.

Oh yes: Mr. Walsh also addressed the age-old meatball debate, and was forced to boldly declare once and for all: meatballs are glorious.

Brand spankin' new Houston Press web editor (as of April 6) Katharine Shilcutt touched on Maynard James Keenan's side career as a winesman (What? Sure, it's a word), a subject which was touched on a little more extensively in an interview by our own Craig Hlavaty. Katharine lulled us into a blissful comatose daze with hot beef sundaes and then, just when we were drifting off, rudely threw a bunch of French words at us. Uh, okay, looking at that article again, it's actually about one of Houston's unique wine establishments closing, which is either a good or bad thing, depending on how you feel about perfectionistic but prickly purveyors. Ahh, look at that consonance. WRITING! Ahem. Ah, this just in: Ms. Shilcutt has also posted an item regarding the lovely Padma Lakshmi's greasy, beefy Carl's Jr. commercial, and other embarrassing moments in TV cooking history. That Rachel Ray video... hoo boy.

Finally, J.C. Reid was kind enough to let us know about Recipe For Success, an organization promoting healthful eating and combating childhood obesity in the Houston area. Not only that, Mr. Reid vigilantly alerted us to the fact that soft-shell crab season is now here and we'd better get out there and get some before they're all gone. Damn, that tempura-fried stuff looks good, we're definitely going to have to hit up Reef some time soon. And we're not ordering a hamburger, either.

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