This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we've spent most of the week scolding people out of their Hurricane Envy, i.e. the whole "Gosh, wish we could get a hurricane in Houston, we need the rain, ell oh ell!" Uh, hurricanes kill people. Settle down, you can handle dry weather.

We started things off right by looking into this Lactart thing at Cafe Luz. Turns out it's some kind of breast-feeding-themed art gallery showcase. Weird, but whatever. I hear they have good sodas there.

We looked into the plight of Houston sushi chefs, and how hopefully there will be a market for Gulf sushi that has had the absolute shit killed out of it.

The Eatsie Boys have started an ice cream truck! This is great news. I actually wound up behind the thing on Allen Parkway a couple of months back, but I didn't know if I was supposed to spill the beans or anything so I kept my mouth shut about it. What am I, a reporter or something? Oh... damn.

El Gran Malo looks like it's going to be putting a bit of an unusual spin on its margaritas, which is good. Anything that makes a margarita not taste like most margaritas is good.

Skinny cocktails, droughts, meals you can sneak onto a plane, and redneck freezers: all covered in this week's Top Fives. We also covered three old favorites, all located next to one another in the Metropole Center. Convenient! Sort of like how Frenchy's was within walking distance of my dorm room when I lived at U of H. The original Frenchy's, not one of the inferior new ones. If you know any other Houston franchises that don't stack up to the originals, let us know in those comments.

What the heck is a gastrocantina? We don't know, but it looks totally badass. Hooray for tasteful LED lighting!

Just in case you forgot, it's hatch chile season. Something to keep in mind as Houston's Hellfire Killsummer continues: spicy foods actually make you feel cooler. This is true because of reasons. Have a great weekend!

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