This Week In Deliciousness

Welcome back to Eating Our Words' weekly round-up, where we're seriously considering camping out for tickets to that new Julia Child movie. Look, it can't possibly be worse than Episode 1, and we've been told there are far fewer Gungans.

We'd like to point out that, yes, we can be snarky sometimes, but when it comes right down to it, everybody here at Eating Our Words is absolutely crazy about 90 percent of the folks who hold discussions in our comments sections and participate with us in other ways. (We're ambivalent about 9 percent of the rest, and we won't ruin the love by discussing that remaining 1 percent.) We bring this up because you guys helped us start the week off with a potato-cannon bang -- we know it's a stretch, but there is surprisingly little by way of food-related artillery -- by debating the bejeezus out of the topic "Houston's Most Overrated Restaurants." We combed through your often bitingly hilarious comments and came up with a fair ranking based on such, and here are the results. Thanks to everybody who participated, and we hope you'll all be just as rabid to let us know about the most underrated restaurants in Houston (not here, though; we'll post an official item soon).

Mike Giglio sampled some top-shelf Thai food at Asia Market, and Robb Walsh continued his popular foray into cheap, obscure wines. Robb also knows the secret to true foreign food: Whenever you see the vendor eating something, get some for yourself. Next up, Katharine Shilcutt attended to Michael Pollan's recent New York Times article, which suggested that the relationship between people and the food they eat is wildly out of balance, with people horking down unhealthy foods because they are convenient and because we lack self-discipline. Never one to resist a challenge, we followed this up with an article about the wondrousness of fried desserts. They're unhealthy if you eat too much of them, yes, but we still firmly believe that empanadas are God's way of saying "Look, life doesn't have to suck all the time."

Sarah Rufka revealed that, despite the somewhat irritating atmosphere, Katz's Diner does, in fact, have some pretty damn tasty food. Katharine had a long list of the many ways the brand new Buffalo Market is awesome, but as far as we're concerned, she only needed one: 500 types of cheese. Godsend! Up till now, we had nothing to go with all this cheap, obscure wine we've been stockpiling.

Rocks Off sent Absinthe Brasserie our way after discovering it's a bar on Richmond, not a mid-'80s Dutch goth band. We're glad we got the confusion cleared up, because the brilliantly named Vinyl Sunset is a cocktail that manages to not only hide the normally brutal taste of absinthe, but actually enhance it. We're told we won't hallucinate, which is good, because we have already had ten today, and the giant talking armadillo only we can see has had easily twice as many.

Robb ruffled some feathers by claiming that Houston breakfasts are leagues better than Austin breakfasts, and having breakfasted in both cities, we'd have to agree, although you are a lot less likely to bump into members of Spoon in Houston. After a tasty meatballs recipe, Robb's back to rooting around in the stalls behind Canino's, this time coming up with a broccoli-esque Mexican weed with a name that sounds like an angry Aztec god. He also exposed Texas Monthly's demographics-whoring practices via its "Best 50 Burgers In Texas" issue, which disgusts us in ways which we will detail to you if you subscribe to our Café Bites newsletter.

In this week's Food Fight, the breakfast tacos of Whataburger took on the breakfast tacos of taco houses Chiloso's and Brother's, in a fight that shaped up a lot like Godzilla vs. King Kong vs. Fauntleroy the Grumpy Hamster. After Sarah Rufka had a friendly chat with Bar Boheme's Isang Undoinyang, Robb recounted the riot that nearly swallowed the city that began in Alpha Bakery. Actually it was just one guy, and he didn't break anything or hurt anybody, but he was pretty pissed off. For why, you'll have to read the article, but we'll just say it's hard to believe what crybabies grown people are capable of being. If you people don't start acting like grown-ups, we're gonna go eat worms. Then you'll be sorry.

Especially once you've read our lengthy, detailed article about it.

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