This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where the leftovers have VERY SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS for re-heating and if you do not follow them to the letter then it is YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT if the roast is stringy.

We started the week off with a fine dose of disrespect for Texas's ridiculous Blue Laws, which even affect events as classy as a wine seminar. Apparently separation of church and state doesn't apply to a state that still halfway thinks of itself as its own country. How much wine can you buy with 10 Confederate dollars?

The big story this week: Someone tweeted kind of a shitty comment while dining, the restaurant manager saw the tweet, and completely overreacted and kicked the diner out. Seems like just another story of the egos of foodies and chefs colliding, but since the media thinks it needs to stick the words "social media" into all reportage, it got picked up all over the damn place and turned into a huge deal. So much drama. Can we just get back to eating and drinking now please?

On a lighter note, movie quotes are always fun, as are cocktails-as-seen-on-TV. We also looked into some ways to pimp out both sashimi and s'mores. S'mores with peanut butter cups: next on the list of "Shit to Try While Camping."

Tired of exploding chiles in the microwave? Then you might want to give this a perusal. We also provided a bunch of helpful tips on how not to screw up your first batch of homebrew quite so badly as is possible.

We resurrected A Cooler Coke just in time for the most oppressive, crushing heat of the year, so maybe that'll cool you off a little. If not, maybe stop into Radical Eats, where, in true communist fashion, you can enjoy some free A/C for no more than a song. No, seriously, they may literally make you sing. Or you could pay for some delicious food with money, that works too.

Here's a bunch of words I don't understand, so pardon me if I move rapidly along to the brand new grocery store with the fortitude to open in the middle of a food desert. I originally read that as "Joe Vs. The Smart Shop, and thought we were covering some kind of bizarre, years-late sequel to Joe Vs. The Volcano. Sadly, no. It's only about bringing more convenient food to those who don't have it. So disappointing.

Finally: tits. Have a great weekend, and don't forget to vote for our annual Best of Houston!

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