This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where the dingoes ate your baby and then complained that the babies used to be so much tastier than they are now and nobody knows how to properly tenderize a baby anymore and why does nobody remember how to operate a high-quality baby buffet? We started the week off with foods ideal for eating in a twosome, moved on to pasta night at Baba Yega, then went out standing in our backyards. Raise your hand if you pronounced "Baba Yega" correctly the first time you said it aloud. Yeah, see, not many hands.

That One's a Meal guy shared some of his experience with us, and we also gained a little insight into what many of you believe an average day in the life of a food blogger to be like. You guys were way off base; the life of a food blogger is a lot more like the life of Dog the Bounty Hunter, but instead of bail jumpers, it's food.

When cooking naked, you'll want to be sure and mind the dangly bits, if you have them. We're also the only food blog who dared to ask: can you blast down 50 chicken McNuggets in one sitting? One commenter claimed to have eaten 65 slices of pizza at CiCi's, which is just as big and fat a lie as we've ever heard. Why not say you ate eleventy jillion? Just as believable.

Good news for fans of Leon's: They're opening back up! Open right now is Sugarcane, a new place for all your hippie friends who annoyingly care about things to gather. TWiD once accused a hippie of thinking her shit don't stink, only to find she kept to a rigid organic, enzyme-heavy diet that actually did render her excretions colorless and odorless.

We look forward to a lot of things when summertime starts rolling around, but none more so than devouring these ten things. We love our summer traditions; you could even quite fairly say we're a bit threatened by change. Despite that, we would gladly swallow our fear and sample these fine tequila drinks. We could probably be convinced to eat some sushi off of a hot nekkid girl, too. Hey, we're trying to widen the ol' comfort zone, you know?

Don't forget to vote for the hottest chef in Houston, and also don't forget to check out our three-part series on how to plan for your Memorial Day Party. Speaking of which, we didn't get an invitation. You mailed it, right? You know we're coming either way, so you might as well make it official, ha ha! Seriously, don't be an asshole.

Finally, we'd like to close out the week by honoring some of the local joints who have the courtesy to keep their restrooms clean. Particularly the Tex-Mex places.

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John Seaborn Gray