This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where discussions on where to go for lunch routinely erupt into violence, the way our comments section almost did over our article on food vs. service. Some believe that, as long as the food is great, the service is incidental; others believe that horrible service can ruin an otherwise satisfactory meal. TWiD says: if you're not getting along with your waiter, leave some money, and just get up and leave. You don't want the situation to deteriorate to the point where you wind up with anything that used to be on or inside of the waiter hiding in your food.

Some recipes are easy to recreate, and some simply end in tears. We had one of the latter this week. Our new column Sundae Sundays continues on its search for the city's best sundae, and looked into some Bosnian food. They have food in Bosnia? Huh. Good for them.

Why not enjoy some delicious dork food while you roll up your character sheet for your half-elf cleric? And, as a bonus, if he gets killed before he even has a chance to level-up, we've got a list of foods to help mend your broken heart. But you know, sometimes the old familiar comfort foods just won't cut it anymore, and that's when you've got to turn to the exotic wonder that is the barfee, the most fun food name since the pupusa. Whatever you do, you should continue to avoid things labeled "healthy." That way lies naught but more heartbreak.

Need instructions on how to grow your own herbs? Here you go! Make sure you - no, we meant real herbs. Quit your giggling, hippies.

After a trip to Padre Island for some burgers and some Middle Eastern desserts, we learned of five good ways to combine foods, and five ways to combine food that will light your brain on fire with agony and revulsion.

People continue their unjust persecution of gluten, which ranks right up there with lactose intolerance as Things Which Are No Better Than Racism, as far as we're concerned. Of course, some 3-day "cleansing" diets are even more exclusionary, and sometimes, such as with baklava, food will even turn on itself.

Nobody in the Heights wants that stupid goddamn Wal-Mart anywhere near them, but people with money stand to make even more money off it, so of course it's going to happen. And guess what? You won't even be saving all that much moolah if you do swallow your pride and get your groceries there. Is there such a thing as consumerism cancer? Because we're pretty sure that's what Wal-Mart is.

Stupid food urban legends that almost everyone believed at some point show that, yes, ten million (or more) people can be wrong. Also wrong: a burger stand that also sells Chinese food, and appears to specialize in neither. Yeesh. You're going to need some good quality sushi as a palate cleanser. Or you could go pick up a 40-gallon barrel of spearmint gum that was made in Malaysia over at Wal-Tumor. Your choice.

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