This Week In Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we've finally secured the patent on sourdough incense. This week started off with a bang, when Greenway Barista slammed the Luling City Market on Richmond, which is actually unaffiliated with the actual market in Luling City. We're allowed to do that, just steal a name and pass ourselves off as affiliated to those who don't know better? Well in that case, stay tuned for a blog name change from "Eating Our Words" to "Gordon Ramsey's Twilight Zombieland Harry Potter Pixar Foodstravaganza".

Robb Walsh investigated where the taco trucks go when their busy day is over (they buzz back into an elaborate honeycomb in the base of a giant enchanted tree). E. Ting chatted with future Top Chef: Masters contestant Monica Pope, who helpfully D. Constructed the chef experience for us.

Katharine Shilcutt revealed how to make the perfect marinara sauce, and Robb revealed the affordable wonder of the tamale sandwich with some homemade Christmas jelly on the side.

Sarah Rufka rounded up the 10 best places to eat east of downtown, and Greenway checked out the growing Friendswood Tex-Mex institution, La Casita. The Shameless Chef cooked up some pan sausage spaghetti, and J.C. Reid stopped in for some beef cheeks at Gerardo's Drive In. What a coincidence; the Shameless Chef tells us that "Beef Cheeks" was his nickname in high school.

Robb caught some banh cuon thit nuong at Tay Ho 18, and Katharine bravely volunteered to have a bunch of meatatarians cook her some vegan food, presumably because absolutely no one else on staff would. Joke's on the rest of us, because it looks like the event turned out some surprisingly tasty tree-hugger vittles.

After Greenway's chat with the enigmatic Randy Rucker, John Nova Lomax had a look into the word "Creole", which is apparently offensive to people who make a living out of being professionally offended. Newcomer Laura McKechnie introduced herself and the Ginza Japanese Restaurant, and Nikki Metzgar stopped by Brasil's to check out the late night scene. Come for the ambiance, stay for the surly hipster waitstaff.

After some Korean barbecue tips from Korea Garden Grille's Simon Moon, Greenway offered some tips on identifying stale coffee with some help from the owner of Catalina Coffee, Max Gonzales.

Robb was gleefully singing a song about anal sex when he was served with some piping hot kielbasa, while Katharine sang the cautious praises of the Fearless Critic, a Houston restaurant guide. It's definitely way more useful than the Fearful Critic guide, where every entry either says "Oh, they're just fine... we don't want to offend anybody" or "We didn't try this restaurant; it's not in the best neighborhood and our car has been kind of acting up lately."

Lauren gave us 5 sauces that make fast food chain restaurants worth visiting, and Katharine pit Jazzie's and Calliope po-boys against one another in this week's food fight. Robb ducked into a nameless Polish food store and experienced a veritable cornucopia of pierogi. J.C. caught some tasty mojarra frita at Cocina de Colima, and Robb put out the call for y'all to send in pictures of any interesting ofrenda displays you might have prepared for the upcoming Day of the Dead. You know us: the kookier the better.

Greenway devoured a goatsucker at Ray's Franks, and Lauren provided a recipe for a Nutella sandwich that looks amazing. Robb's been rooting around in the stalls behind Canino's again, and managed to hold several angry raccoons at bay long enough to sample some guayaba.

To wrap up the week, Sarah chatted with Katie Statlander of Velvet Melvin's and Robb investigated another exotic hybrid, this time some Palestinian-Texan barbecue. Finally, Katharine's got some amazing-looking culinary tours coming up that you should definitely look into. Go on. You deserve it.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.