This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where nothing signals the arrival of summer like the seasonal spring bocks turning into summer pilsners in our local beer aisle. We sure did wish we had some booze at last weekend's Haute Wheels Festival, which, while admirable, seems to have been a bit of a fiasco. For next year, perhaps give away free commemorative parasols at the door. Or Supersoakers. Filled with booze.

Gulf shrimp season is closed for the time being, but take heart, they'll be back out there trawling in a month or two. In the meantime, why not enjoy some oysters? Cajun-fried, of course, the way any shellfish was meant to be served.

Sometimes you just want to get all dolled up and get fancy with your foodin', but then sometimes you just have to pull into the first place you see, if only to keep your kids from eating your face.

Big fan of optimism? Good news for you: a not-at-all doomed brewpub is opening right here in Houston! Hooray! Surely they will receive all the support they need from local drinkers and politicians! If you're super-duper-extra optimistic, here are some healthy hamburger alternatives. Ha ha! Oh yes! A mushroom burger is every bit as good as a beef burger and in no way makes me want to cut my own tongue out and lecture it!

As Glenn Frey might say, the heat is on, so keep cool with our five favorite chilled soups. If, for some reason, you've decided to walk around outside and go to a fair or festival, then for God's sake keep our list of the five best festival treats in mind. They may save your life. No, that's not unrealistic; sometimes a simple morale boost can be the difference between life and death.

With the temperature shooting up into the nineties, yet with temps still in the sixties at night, most of us are going to be getting the dreaded "summer cold" any day now. Here's what to feed it. Or you could tough it out and venture outside just long enough to let someone boil crawfish for you.

The recently opened Greatfull Taco will be the most praised and misspelled restaurant in the coming months. Finally, we already told you how to boil crawfish, so here you go: how to put together a good bar. We're pretty darned useful for a blog, you know that? Well... it's nice to hear it sometimes, is all.

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