This Week In Deliciousness

First, let's have a round of applause for Robb Walsh and Katharine Shilcutt, the glue holding Eating Our Words together. Without them, we'd have had three articles this week, one of them about places you can't actually eat at anymore.

Robb started us out with a piece on a little BBQ joint close to George Bush Intercontinental airport, so travelers can have a decent first / last impression of Houston. Next, he finally found a respectably charred pizza right here in town, and compared and contrasted the musubi available both in Hawaii and in Houston. Needless to say, Hawaii had an edge, but we did all right.

Robb then moved on to a good ol'-fashioned big-ass hamburger, confounding everyone who plays the Eating Our Words drinking game (if no one does a burger post during the week, you get to chug). Finally, he took us hunting for chocolate bunnies; evidently there's some sort of religious holiday coming up. Didn't Bill Hicks have some words on this?

Katharine Shilcutt knows all the best food events, like the one coming up on April 23rd where you'll get to find out which beers and wines go best with which foods. We suggest you challenge them; try to find out what goes best for a meal consisting of Newfoundland cod cakes, braised Brussels sprouts with vinegar and dill, and a bowl of Lucky Charms. Next, she had a study of fine foods for seder, as well as a peek into a Japanese cooking show called "Cooking With Dog". And yes, that thought you just had does make you a racist. Shame on you. Katharine reminded us of what Texans already know: boozing it up is damned good for the economy. She can also be forgiven for bragging a little bit that we already knew what The New York Times' Frank Bruni recently discovered: that little Feast joint is an absolute gem. Finally, there's a notification of Mango's image change and a brave experiment into over-priced, mass-produced sandwiches assembled by resentful hipsters. Look kid, we know you'd rather be home listening to the new Animal Collective album, sneaking your parents' pills, and performing elaborate hairstyle maintenance, but seriously, stow the attitude and give us our shitty sandwiches in less than an eternity, okay? We're sorry, this kind of thing makes us very irritable. We know the Animal Collective thing was a low blow, and we apologize.

Rounding out the week, James Holmes spent thirteen bucks at Bill's, a Kingwood burger spot, and J.C. Reid provided an in-depth study into molecular food design at Max's Wine Dive. Really? Food has to have physics now? Yeesh. Although I will admit: that foie gras-shiitake-popcorn lollipop did look pretty tasty, before we read the caption and found out what it was. Tell me, food scientists: how many calories does one of those full-body shudders burn?

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