This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where man cook meat with fire. This includes cooking froggie with fire, which, while delicious, look disturbingly like a bunch of little naked half-people on the grill there. Yikes.

Popular night-owl hangout Denny's caught some praise from us, but also a little bit of flack. We caught grief from multiple commenters on both counts. We just can't please you guys, can we? Oh, just kidding. We're well aware that we pleasure you on a daily basis.

Sadly, our Battle Celebrity Chef was not decided by Jell-O wrestling, but we can dream. We can also dream about the plethora of good-ass food in Alvin. Is Nolan Ryan some kind of culinary good luck charm? Every Alvin-based restaurant we've ever eaten at has been fantastic.

Looking for good, quality cookbooks? Here are a bunch from right here in Houston, courtesy of own Junior League. If those seem too well-researched and sane, may we suggest something in a second-hand cookbook? Please, oh please, send us submissions of whatever clusterfood gems you find in those.

We found some examples of food art that beat the hell out of your standard mashed potatoes mesa. Voice continues to offer specials that make their ritziness affordable, and we are some high-class bastards up in here. Often, we would sneak behind the dumpster at our high school and pass around a 40 oz. of La Fin Du Monde. That was how we rolled back in the old hood.

We had a foochebags vs. douchesters battle royale on the blog this week, and few agreed on who was worse, so luckily we'll have the opportunity to ask Anthony Bourdain about it soon.

Traditional Honduran breakfast, anyone? Fried plantains, man. Come on. We also need this fried chicken immediately in our faces. Good God, that is the best-looking batter we've ever seen. Now Google-mapping Houston to Baylor... shit. That's far.

An extensive debate in the comments section can't seem to solve who is really at fault for the shabby treatment of the nation's baristas, but since TWiD despises coffee, we really don't care, we're just enjoying watching the spectacle. Same goes for The Great Taco Truck Race, which isn't really a race, and involves several trucks that do not serve tacos.

How do you handle it when you find yourself eating in a place where you're obviously not wanted? Katherine Shilcutt chose to be low-key and polite, which goes against TWiD's typical reaction of "throw something, flip the table, and run." To each their own, we suppose. A food fight sans violence will do, on occasion, even when it's difficult to take sides.

People like this will probably survive when the zombies come.

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