This Week In Deliciousness

Monday started out with yet another reminder of what you missed over the weekend: Sunday brunch at Feast, which we've seen written up so much it's starting to feel like a tradition. Breakfast at Manena's sounded pretty appealing, too. You can get some hot, delicious breakfast empanadas, or you can order the vigilantes rellenos and Bring Your Hunger to Justice™.

Our new weekly guessing game Where Are We Eating? got off to a fine start (commenter "neverfull" got them all right on the first try), immediately preceding our most controversial item of the week: the cessation of Yappy Hour at Beaver's. After heavily promoting the dog-friendly event, patrons and pooches found themselves turned away at the door by city health officials.

Turns out there's a rarely-enforced city ordinance that bans pets from eateries, and there was plenty of argument in our comments section on whether or not said ordinance is a boon to the cleanliness-minded, or just a bunch of sourpusses trying to stomp all over the animal lovers. Our Commenter of the Week came up with a compromise we thought was perfectly reasonable: "Dogs are fine. I don't like children around me when I'm trying to eat. Disgusting creatures. Leave them at home," said Dazzlin' J. We quite agree, Mr. J. Now now, parents, don't get all upset with us, we don't mean all children should be left at home. Just the ones younger than 18.

Head chef of the food blog Katharine Shilcutt provided us with a full list of Houston restaurants participating in the Food For Life event, which raised proceeds for AIDS Foundation Houston. Then it was onto Baskin-Robbins' 31-Cent-Scoop Night, which seems pretty steep compared to last week's Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day, until you realize the former is for the benefit of the National Volunteer Firefighters Council. Fine, we'll let it slide, Baskin-Robbins.

Craig Hlavaty: he's a lazy bastard. Why else would he choose to review the Bell Street Café, which is directly across the god damn street from the Houston Press headquarters? All right, so it's an accurate and well-thought-out write-up. We admit, we're just bitter he thought of it before we did. You win this round, Hlavaty.

The somewhat more intrepid Mike Giglio ventured out to Blodgett's Fish Market, where the specialty is... chicken, fried rice, gumbo, burgers, pretty much everything but the damn fish. The meals were handed out through a bulletproof cage, the patrons were there for dirt-cheap food that hadn't (thus far) made them sick... we're not gonna lie, Mike, it sounds kind of like a high-end prison cafeteria. So... if that's your thing, good on you.

There's quite a few bits of business in the ramp-up to Cinco de Mayo; Katharine suggested some fine eateries for this most Tex-Mex of holidays, as well as the brand new tequila flight at Bodega's Taco Shop, which will claim many a freshman this May 5, we predict. Prodigal son Jay Francis encouraged us to be a little adventurous and try rompope, a Mexican liquor which sounds a lot to us like Latin eggnog. You know what, Jay? Screw it, we're in. We would love to try some.

On the other hand, we're not so sure about the Menudo. Although, now that we think about it, Eating Our Words has always been pretty good at allaying our fears of the more gross-sounding dishes - and here we're thinking of piss pie - so if J.C. Reid says to give spiced cow stomach soup a shot, maybe we should listen to him. At best, it'll be like ground-up sausage in chili. At worst... Mexican haggis. Which would be worth sampling for the bragging rights alone.

Finally, Robb Walsh fans will get their wish: he returns Monday of next week. On... er, Cuatro de Mayo. So close, Robb. So close.

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