This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where for just one week out of the year, we allow ourselves to remember that yeah, as much as we love Houston, we kinda love Austin, too. And we know a bunch of you feel the same, so we've helped cover some South By Southwest eats for you.

The biggest holiday in March occurred this week: that's right, Steak and a BJ Day was on Monday, and as asinine as that sounds, it's certainly no worse than designating one day out of the year in which men are expected to buy women flowers, chocolate and tiny, shiny baubles which still glisten with the blood of African children.

Need a good hangover cure? You can pick up some Spanish meat at Spec's while you're also purchasing a little hair of the dog, or if you can make it out in front of Mango's, you can have yourself a crepe. You can also get a big, sloppy breakfast with lots of gravy at Pecan Creek Grille. Gravy cancels out booze. Everybody knows that.

The burger competition in Houston is quite fierce, so that's why we're leaving it up to whoever shows up to Lucky's Pub to decide the champs. If anyone writes in "McDonald's," you'll of course be killed.

We were surprised enough sushi restaurants could be found to fill this list of Houston's five best, but despite Houston's shocking dearth of sushi joints, we managed. We also profiled the top five best Thai restaurants, for those of you who like food with flavor. Our final top 5 of the week examined where to take your bachelorette party, a.k.a. which local establishments are most tolerant of shrieking, drunken animals chewing on penis-shaped lollipops. The worst place: a stand-up comedy show, but that doesn't seem to stop you idiots, does it?

Speaking of idiots, a couple are suing Texas Roadhouse because one of them got a splinter. Of course, if Texas Roadhouse staff were to incur a nasty paper cut while signing the subpoena, they could easily counter-sue.

Revival Market is opening soon, and crawfish season is already here. Ah, springtime.

Finally, here are some brews you should have been drinking on St. Patty's Day rather than overrated Guinness. Yes, Guinness is overrated. St. Patrick's Day is over and we don't have to pretend to like it, cops, or redheads anymore.

Have a great weekend!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.