This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we've spent the rodeo eating unnecessarily fried food while watching other people ride around on raw food.

We sampled some local grub at Uncorked's Rodeo Roundup, which was decadent and fun. Unfortunately, not every meal went as well this week. Or even close to as well. Or even well enough to describe without copious swearing.

Yes, Tiny Boxwood's alleged snapper Provençal was truly shitty, worse even than sloppy grocery store fried chicken. It's bad enough that the food kept turning up looking like something you'd be afraid to throw to the bugs, but it really didn't help matters when every staff member's reaction to the poor cooking and service was basically "Duuuhhhh?" Check out that link to find out what not to do if you're running a restaurant.

As for what not to do if you're a landlord, here's an idea: If one of your tenants is a deadbeat, don't take it out on the non-profit organization to whom he was donating prep space by locking their equipment and food away. Luckily a better organization stepped up to help out, so all's well that ends well.

Also frustrating: the laws still on the books that try to fill our parched mouth-holes with Jesus instead of liquor. Listen, in America, we practice freedom of religion, and we should all be free to worship a God who wants us to be knee-walking drunk on Sundays. Hallelujah!

This new restaurant looks like it might be kind of nice, but they're based out of Dallas, so let's move on. There was an item having to do with cooking like Shannen Doherty, and we can only assume it included dishes like "Lopsided Fish Eyes."

But you know what, enough with the negativity. Let's go with 20 straight positives in a row: five Latin restaurants, ten wine bars, and five, uh... failures. Dammit, we almost had a good streak going there. Well, how about this: we found some really good foodwhere we didn't really expect to, and we also found some really good food where we did expect to, but it's still nice to have high expectations lived up to.

We had some tips on refrigerating fruits and veggies and also ongrowing tomatoes, first and foremost being to get rid of any of these that you find. Keep in mind that when you plant early, the - DUCK! Haha, made you look.

Finally, it wouldn't be springtime without some hot, juicy oyster coverage. Oh yeah. You get in there. You get in deep on that oyster.

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