This pig does not need a verbose spider to cover for it. This pig will RUIN YOU.
This pig does not need a verbose spider to cover for it. This pig will RUIN YOU.

This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we could have sworn scrambled caviar was gonna be a great idea. They're just little eggs, right? Just goes to show, you never can tell.

We started the week off right with some fine Belgian chow, with nary a waffle in sight. The Shameless Chef was introduced to his new comrade-in-arms, the Anachronistic Chef, and it looks like they'll get along swimmingly; they've already started collaborating on a new barber shop / meat pies business that seems to be taking off. Meat pies are a little gamey, though, we'll be honest.

Macarons are basically high-end Newtons, which makes them A-OK with us.

Our senior citizens have been around long enough to have learned where you can get some fine food, so it might not be a bad idea to heed their initiative. It would also be a good idea to try the barbecue at Luling City Market next time you're out San Antone way, or if you're headed eastward, perhaps a stop in to the Chicken On the Bayou Boudin Shop. God, there may be no other food that hits the spot after a long drive quite like good boudin and hush puppies. Except for perhaps THE BEST TACO IN AMERICA?! Okay, settle down. Maybe it's not the best taco in America (could that even be quantified?), but you might think it would be good enough to keep the comments section on that article from filling up with bitter, bitchy complaints. Unless you're familiar with our commenters, in which case you wouldn't think that at all.

Ever sit down in front of the Food Network and then start to panic as you realize that you're not going to survive the night unless you're somehow able to cook whatever it is they're cooking onscreen right goddamn now? Well, we have a few movies that do the same thing to us, and our cooking skills aren't getting any better, but at least now we know to watch them with someone who does, in fact, know her way around a kitchen.

Hopefully there's a cancellation and you can hit up the Lucky Dog Rescue's Sweet Summer Soirée on Sunday for some tasty food and some adorableness. Your heart will melt just like the mozzarella atop the portobello mushrooms. That's what you put on portobello mushrooms, right? We wouldn't know, mushrooms send us into spasms. Whatever kind of food they serve, though, you know it'll be way, way better than the shit so many of you insist on serving at your weddings.

For some reason we pitted tubs of mushed peas against one another in this week's Food Fight, so... have a go at that, if that's your thing. We'd rather tuck in to the meat from Revival Meats, which raises its animals in humane conditions, providing for them through their twilight years, where they're given a lavish New Orleans-style funeral once they've died of old age. Some of the ducks have even been trained to play the trombone. EVERY WORD OF THIS IS TRUE.

Finally: Robb Walsh creeps ever closer to the zenith of his 100 Favorite Houston Dishes countdown; he's as far as #27, those heavenly pastries from Shipley's Donuts. Can you believe TWiD once lost weight while living next door to a Shipley's? It's because once we had Shipley's, we never again ate any other donuts, so overall our caloric intake was vastly decreased. That coupled with the fact that since TWiD has never woken up before noon, we only had a window of a few hours when the donuts were available. If Shipley's was a 24-hour joint, it would have been a very different story.

Have a great weekend, and let us know what the booth food is like at Summerfest!

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