This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we've constructed a gigantic, hollow Peep with our leftover Easter Peeps and we're trying to come up with a way to lure Nicolas Cage into it so we can set the whole shebang on fire. Whew. Not just an obscure reference in today's opening joke, but a hell of a long way to go for not much payoff. Hang with me here, folks, it's been a long week.

We suppose there are other ways to get rid of your leftover Easter candy that don't involve an obscure English horror film and its terrible, terrible 2006 remake, but we chose the path less traveled, as always. Which certainly explains why we get lost so much.

We started the week off right by judging some kids' lemonade stands. Sure, they love it when you offer your opinion at en event, but just try it with your average lemonade stand on the street. Talk about unable to handle constructive criticism.

Kata Robata also won something this week, probably the grand prize in the "Name Sounds Most Like a Kung-Fu Android" competition. There's also a brand new pisco to get excited about if you're a fan of pisco or, unlike me, at least know what it is.

In what we hope will be a new series, we told you of a great place to take your kids on those days when you've just got to get some food into them and get them home so they can misbehave to their hearts' content. Plus, all kids love sandwiches. For something a little more adult, you might try the Dwalin over at the Hobbit Cafe, named after one of the many dwarves in the book The Hobbit. And soon-to-be film! SQUEEEEE!!!

The banh mi is so authentic at Thim Hing, you could swear you're in Vietnam, riding hell-for-leather on the back of a stranger's motorbike while his motor singes your calf. That makes sense if you've ever been to Vietnam, I promise. So does ordering dry noodles if you've got a problem ingesting MSG. Can too much MSG really give you a headache, or is that all a bunch of hooey? Pardon my language.

I can stand coffee so I won't be trying it with cheese any time soon, which is a shame, because I always look for opportunities to add cheese to things. I'll tell you what I will try, though: banoffee. Or anything on this list, really, but now that I know banoffee exists, I must have it.

And to close out the week, we listed the five best food streets in Houston and everyone in the comments agreed we were right on the money and hadn't left out a single one. Go see for yourself!

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