This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we've decided to keep all these sausage and cheese Christmas gift baskets for ourselves. Jane Catherine Collins certainly helped us get this week started off right with her top 5 holiday hangover cures. After spending a late night partying with Rocks Off, this article is a particular godsend to TWiD today. (We drank a bucket of Long Island Iced Tea, among other things.)

After some gas station taquitos (which, often as not, are the best kind), we enjoyed some street-vendor crepes and some fine wurst. That reminds us of the time we met Britt Daniel in line at a street vendor booth called "Best Wurst" in Austin during South by Southwest. Nice guy. The wurst was just okay, though.

Did you know you're allowed to own 30 chickens inside the Houston city limits? Robb Walsh discovered this for us, and we also learned that Chicago has the potential to be the most heavily bechickened city, possibly due to the fact that, should the chicken population start to get out of hand, many of them will simply be blown into Lake Michigan by the F5 zephyrs that sweep across Chicago on a daily basis.

After an overly cooked Akaushi hamburger, we learned that, with a couple exceptions, you guys really prefer mediocre food. TWiD couldn't stay too irritated for long, though; we can never see the word "Zagat's" without picturing Chris Farley in drag.

The Shameless Chef cooked up some semi-traditional shit on a shingle, and Jane enjoyed some red wine with Doritos. We're all class here at Eating Our Words, ladies and gents.

Mike Morris tried some Vietnamese Nutella (among other things) at Van Loc, and Katharine Shilcutt tried some gas station sushi... we guess because someone dared her to? We suspect Greenway Barista, because he chose that time to flee to Austin and investigate Café Medici.

Robb offered some kind advice for procuring your Christmas tamales, and - wait, you don't have your Christmas tamales yet? Oh man, you better get moving. These things are more popular than the Furby was in 1997. Ahh, remember the Furby? We sure do! But don't panic if you miss out on picking up some tamales; you can always make your own.

After a chat with Katherine Apple of Hearsay, Mike looked into some local salad, and Robb reflected upon the 11 best restaurant openings of the past decade. Brittany Shea sampled some of Lone Pint brewery's new brews, and learned that it used to be called "Twin Pints" before a mysterious DeLorean knocked over one of the founding pints.

Becky Means provided a recipe for some awesome-looking latkes, and Mike sampled an IPA that, unlike other IPAs, doesn't taste like roofing tar, so it's doubtful IPA fans will ever fully embrace it. Ruthie Johnson detailed some of the biggest food innovations in the past decade, and although her list is very comprehensive, we were disappointed to see that possibly the single greatest hybrid of the last ten years was ignored. Yes, we are of course referring to the Nestle Tandem.

We're always up for some discount wines, and we're not going to lie, we love us some happy hour, even if it means we get instructed at length on proper coke-snorting etiquette. Oh, Ruby Tequila's; y'all is some unruly bastards.

After some debate on whether or not a true Cuban sandwich even exists, Becky shared a recipe for some sweet noodley dessert, which was presumably gifted to mankind from the Flying Spaghetti Monster himself. Truly, the Flying Spaghetti Monster is merciful and tasty.

This week's Food Fight found Katharine checking out some local hot chocolates, while Bobette Riner spent $7 at Yia Yia's Roadhouse and Jason Kerr enjoyed some fried Oreos, whale tails, and horrible service at Saint Dane's. That's what you get for not looking brosephy enough, Jason. We personally never set foot in Saint Dane's without our broseph camouflage; a backwards visor, some baggy jorts, and an Affliction T-shirt we've seen three different mixed martial arts stars wear. We are pilgrims in an unholy land.

After some more Austin burgers and another recipe from Becky, Jane took a look at Pagoda's tapas-centric new menu. Is there anything better than sitting outside with some friends on a nice day and enjoying a shitload of different tapas? Few things, if any.

Don't forget our upcoming wine tasting at Sonoma this Saturday, December 19! We're gonna take the leftover spit buckets and lob 'em into 29-95.com's headquarters!

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