This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where sometimes it all seems kind of pointless considering we don't think any of us have ever enjoyed a meal as much as my cat enjoys eating lizards.

We started the week off right by suggesting some fowl alternatives to the ever-popular chicken, although if you have to kill it yourself, chicken is definitely the way to go. As goofy-looking as they are, ostriches kill people with that weird velociraptor dew claw they have.

Good news for folks downtown: you can get fantastic locally made coffee - not to mention locally made sodas, snacks and meals - at the brand new Cafe Luz. We don't remember if anything there is pina colada-flavored, so you should probably go by and check.

Our weekly commentstorm was ignited this week by Whole Foods' apparent capitulation to the complaints of a very few right-wing bloggers who objected to the store advertising halal products during Ramadan. As with any religion-centered article, the comments section was entirely reasonable and civil. All 320 of them. No, really, go see for yourself! And check the follow-up article, too!

After five great dishes yanked out of the insides of an animal - as opposed to simply hacked off of the outside of it - we had a look at the tastiest food throwdown happening in the city right now: Modular vs. all comers at Grand Prize Bar. "Everybody wins" and whatnot.

Where can you get CNN's 50 most delicious foods in Houston? All over the place, of course. It'd be pretty weird if they were all available at, say, Pappa's or something. As for that fried dough fix, Christy's is quite the undervalued local fixture; nowhere near as popular as Shipley's, running neck and neck on tastiness. And let's please not have a debate about whose donuts are better. Let's just please be grateful that there's even a debate to be had on this particular subject.

Sadly, nobody in Houston seems to properly carry out ike jime on sushi fish, and if you watch the video, it's kind of easy to see why: ike jime is an elaborate, rather time-consuming way to kill the everloving shit out of a fish. Sometimes Asian authenticity is best, and then sometimes a little bit of bastardization is tasty as well. It's all subjective.

Our friends south of the border know how to cook up some amazing stuff, too; the Cubans have a new culinary ambassador, as do the Brazilians. Careful, though; from what we've seen, if you eat a bunch of Brazilian food and then try to play soccer, you'll wind up falling down a lot.

Finally, we'd like to try and bring back the subtle art of drinking right before a meal. Yes, there is a finesse to it. No, it doesn't involve Night Train. Sorry, Uncle Ted.

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Have a great weekend!

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