This Week in Deliciousness

Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we're starting to think that Aspartame is a pretty cool name for a baby. True story: A girl with whom we once shared an office with whose name was Cyndi used to go by Cyn, and whenever anyone would ask what it was short for, she'd tell them "Cinema." Cool chick. Shot us down no fewer than three times.

Our own Katharine Shilcutt had more success this week when she was nominated for a James Beard Award. We've always thought she was cooler than a polar bear's toenails, but soon there shall be concrete proof.

Eating a bunch of Mexican food and then going straight to hot yoga sounds like some kind of dare, but it looks like that's just how some of us roll. We're also still trying to find good food in the downtown tunnels, and we're starting to think it might not happen. What is it about going underground that impairs one's cooking skills? Is it because fluorescent light makes food look cooked when it isn't? Or something?

We've created another hideous mutant which will surely one day rise up and slaughter us all. Although it hasn't attacked anyone yet, the churkey did originate in Transylvania, so it's only a matter of time before we start finding dead farmers drained of blood with distinctly fanged beak-marks on their necks. It will certainly be no picnic. Unless it is.

Fresh strawberries are now coming in from Mexico, although not for long, if the growing anti-immigrant fruit group the Minute Maid Men have anything to say about it. Stop the hate, guys. Without immigrants, we wouldn't have Luigi's Pizza, which has the unique zing of herbs, spices, and just a touch of essence of stomped koopa. It's a Super Mario Bros. joke! Oh, quit your bitching.

Pillsbury decided to try their hand at making naan, and you bet it sucks! Try not to buy mass-produced American naan unless you need something to throw to the worms.

Crawfish season is here, and soon we'll be able to chow down on copious amounts of the charmingly nicknamed "mudbugs." If we eat eight or nine pounds of them really fast, we might even get full.

Did we pass up an opportunity to learn some more about bourbon? No, we did not. We'd no more pass up good bourbon than we would settle for regular refried beans when refried black beans are available.

We closed out the week with some roly poly Fish Heads - eat them up, yum - and would like to remind you that we now have a Smartphone app, so you can take us with you wherever you go. It's like having us in your pocket!

It's dark in here. And cramped. And it smells kinda funny.

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