This Week in Deliciousness: Fancy-Ass Nobel-Type Prize-Winning Pizza and More

Welcome back to the weekend roundup here at Eating...Our Words, where we're actually kind of looking forward to two straight days of festival food this weekend. It'll be a welcome vacation from reality and sanity.

We started the week off right with a look at the many, many, many different varieties of Heinz products in that huge sumbitchin H-E-B over on West Alabama. We found a lot, but we missed one: Heinz Pickled Stoat Knuckles. I know I saw some in there once.

We listed where in Houston you can find most of the dishes on that Foodie List of 100 Things to Eat Before You Die, although sadly nowhere in Houston seems to serve nutria. So if you're looking to chow down on a rat the size of a corgi, you'll have to go somewhere considerably more batshit.

Raia's Italian Cafe and Market appears to serve some fairly authentic Italian subs, which is good news for all of you insufferable snobs out there who still somehow find Subway inadequate. For those of you who want to see the difference between Tex-Mex and Mexican food, head on over to La Lupita. Mexican food is really good as long as you're not expecting Tex-Mex. Then it's a little jarring (radishes in a burrito? WTF?)

Concepción was impressive, especially as part of DEFCON dining, which if you haven't been following along, is a lovely column on what happens when you need to pull over and eat immediately before your children detonate.

The Modular got filmed for the Cooking Channel this week, which is great news for those guys. Also making the cut: Phamily Bites, The Rice Box, The Waffle Bus, Stick It...damn, that's gonna be a good episode.

There's a new crepe place in town and it looks pretty good, although I hear crepes don't digest right if you eat them sitting down. There are reasons for this... SCIENCE REASONS. Speaking of science, Sam Brown ought to get one of them fancy Nobel-type awards for his invention of the Luby's Pizza. A million times yes, for God's sake.

Finally: A local waiter got tipped $5,000 to replace his drowned car. Awww! Wait, what if the IRS sees this coverage? Shit. Everybody shush.

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